Insurgency: Sandstorm

Survival Wave Enabling/Printing for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by TayLord (mod ID: 1462882)


See CoopHUD for this implemented in a HUD! This mod will be kept around as CoopHUD may likely break with every major update and this should be more resilient to updates.

This mod enables respawns in survival mode using the SoloWave config value under Survival settings. This feature was disabled in 1.11 and this forces support of SoloWaves and also enables the printing of SoloWave count to the screen through chat. In Survival the usual respawn wave is replaced with the objective count as a result the players do not know how many respawns they have remaining. This mod simply prints the wave respawn count to the chat whenever a player is spawned or objectives taken.


The default is white text with "# waves remaining." For customization and coloring on servers, use this with AdvancedChat. Then use a game configuration like below to color the message:

PostNumMsg="waves remaining</>"

Or for multiple colors see the following which would print the number of waves in blue and the "waves remaining" in red:

PostNumMsg="</><red>waves remaining</>"

Would highly recommend running Print Bot Count with this for survival as the awareness of how fast bots are respawning slows the gameplay a lot and let's you know when you hunker down and when to move forward.

As an alternative, since Survival can be brutal to respawns as the spawn points can be swarmed see FortuneSoldier, which enables players to place spawn points or Scale Survival, which opens some more Survival configuration and enables reloading progress on defeat for Survival. This eliminates the spawn swarm and adjusts difficulty for lower player count servers.

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