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Pruefstand 7 for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Hello guys,
i want to introduce you my Insurgency sandstorm custom map named "Pruefstand_7"

based of my projects:


Freddy @Steam


Test Stand VII (German: Pruefstand VII, P-7) was the principal V-2 rocket testing facility at Peenemuende Airfield......

This scenario served me as an inspiration for this map (Nuclear Basis with "post cold war" feeling)

It is not a 1:1 conversion.

Remake of the Insurgency Custom Map "ps7 insurgency-2".

Infiltrate a nuclear facility and liberate it.

Fight with your troops in a multi-level bunker facility or on the surface with numerous buildings.

But be warned, only the best will survive.

Hint! It is a big map because it consists of 3 levels.


3 levels


length: 48000 Unreal Units

width: 24000 Unreal Units

height: 4900 Unreal Units

Additionally I use purchased content from the "UE4" Marketplace

Ballistic Missiles (by OfficialCH)

Nuclear Silo (by MagnusKristiansen)

On request and permission from the content creator "MagnusKristiansen" I use his example map "Nuclear Base" as a start for my project.

It saved me some time, because I would build it similar.

I have adapted and supplemented the content for my project.

The remaining buildings on the surface I created with my own static meshes and brushes, the two underground bunker facilities with meshes purchased from him.


  • Checkpoint_Security
  • Firefight
  • Team Deadmatch

(Other gamemodes are in progress)

Map Name: Pruefstand_7

Scenario Names & Server command line

Coop Server Start Parameters















Firefight Server Start Parameters:



Team Deadmatch Server Start Parameters:



MapCycle.txt Parameters








Coop Hardcore:












to do: a lot :)

  • optimize the map (draw distance, cull distance volumes, lods
  • light settings
  • bullets blocking
  • improve starting "V2" rocket (smoke, engine fire, sound)
  • corrected map overview
  • sound / custom sounds
  • bots spawns & walking routes
  • Increase Capture Points by at least 5 pieces or more
  • additional game types
  • additional buildings and cover
  • equip buildings (hall)
  • Cable on power poles

and more...

Known Issues:

  • This well-known error occurs sporadically:

"UBotBehavior_MoveToObjective: Failed path to objective! Fix this!"

  • The map overview shows only the surface but not the lower bunker facilities
  • The map overview is outdated or not precise

Beta 0.6

  • Compatible with game version 1.7 (UE 4.23.1)

  • classic elliptical sand wall created for v2 launch platform
    Pruefstand 7 without the wall? Does not go at all :)

  • Checkpoint Bravo (Crashed helicopter) “Allow Lethal Fire Support” deactivated.

  • Scenario_P7_CP_M_Sec:
    Capture point "Charlie" (ramp entrance) changed to "Delta" (Missile Bunker)
    Capture point "Delta" (trafos) changed to "Charlie"

  • various optical changes (decals, Power cable, )
  • Fixed several small bugs

Beta 0.7

  • Night Map added

Beta 0.8

  • Scenario Checkpoint "L" and "XL" Capture Point "H" moved from bunker level 02 to surface (V2 Launch platform)
  • Bots spawns & walking routes modified (unfortunately not all bugs are fixed yet)
  • Adjust some "draw distance"
  • Scenario Checkpoint "M", "L" and "XL" Capture-Zone "B" (crashed helicopter) enlarged
  • Additional covering possibilities (bunker) placed on the surface
  • "counter attack" trucks removed because on level 2 (capturepoint "G")
    the bots concentrated on a point when trying to get to the "counter attack" trucks
  • # Fixed several small bugs

Test Server:


User Posted Image

Here a video which I test the map with 63 bots in "Firefight" game mode

Have fun



filedata.7.zip1.66gbBeta 0.8

filedata.6.zip1.65gbBeta 0.7

filedata.5.zip1.28gbBeta 0.6

filedata.4.zip1.29gbBeta 0.5

filedata.3.zip1.27gbBeta 04

filedata.2.zip1.25gbBeta 03

filedata.1.zip1.21gbBeta 02

filedata.zip1.19gbbeta release 1.00


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[FRS]=Freddy= @frsfreddy

Relesae version: 0.8 / Beta.
Changes see above in the description.


[NLD]Dutchxarms @nlddutchxarms

can you check out objective F?
i dont think bots spawn to protect/defent it
and almost most of time no bots at A thanks map is good

[FRS]=Freddy= @frsfreddy

A little further, I have already mentioned the problem,
but I cannot find a solution at the moment because the error does not always occur.

Believe me, there are actually enough spawn points. :)
I am still looking for a solution to this error message in the server console:

"UBotBehavior_MoveToObjective: Failed path to objective! Fix this!"

That's why bots don't appear during "Counter Attack".
I have checked the bot paths they are present and consistent.

The parameters have just been added (latest release), see description above

[NLD]Dutchxarms @nlddutchxarms

they bairly spawn when playing in my server i can hear them all upstairs being stuck

[FRS]=Freddy= @frsfreddy

They are not stuck, they try to get to the checkpoints at the surface. I have already changed one parameter "Ambush Height Threshold" but it doesn't work yet, I have to adjust it a bit, maybe it will solve the problem

[NLD]Dutchxarms @nlddutchxarms

also going to c downstairs you have those gas containers like 3/4 of them bots get stuck spawning in the corner

[FRS]=Freddy= @frsfreddy

OK, thanks for the info, never happened during my tests, I also try to set up enough restricted zones for bots to prevent exactly that. With tricky maps like mine the bot setup is not so easy as with open maps :)

[NLD]Dutchxarms @nlddutchxarms

thanks! also bots at A suiside them selfs lol like a bunch of them

[FRS]=Freddy= @frsfreddy

At "A" there are enough :) but also here I don't know what is wrong, I just can't find anything. Had already removed the bots on the towers, has brought nothing. It also does not always occur, sometimes there are no suicides :) I still have a suspicion, the stairwell

[NLD]Dutchxarms @nlddutchxarms

hmm okay well all i know is that when we take F they dont attack us because they are stuck somewhere outside upstairs you should test play it. this map is broken.

[FRS]=Freddy= @frsfreddy

I test the map, and always have a parallel view of my server consoles. The funny thing is that the bots often attack normally. If they don't do it then this warning / error message appears

"UBotBehavior_MoveToObjective: Failed path to objective! Fix this!"

What the hell am I gonna fix? I have checked the bot paths they are present and consistent.

This error also occurs with Vanilla Maps, you even answered here in the Steamforum:
That's exactly the kind of error
I think the statement that the map is broken is too exaggerated.
I will of course keep trying to solve the bot problems that occur from time to time.

[NLD]Dutchxarms @nlddutchxarms

sry but in my eyes as my opinion is not working well. bot are most of times outside instad inside the bunker. buts spawn on helicopters bots are stuck in corners i think it has something to do with the walk path as friend of mine had same issue with his map. roads where not all green so they could not walk

[FRS]=Freddy= @frsfreddy

Hi, I believe you, I've checked the paths several times and also tested different settings of the "Navigation Meshes". Especially with "F". All paths are solid and green. the volumes are a bit off the ground. From time to time the bots are attacking and that makes me suspicious. I will stay tuned.

[NLD]Dutchxarms @nlddutchxarms

well nothing else you can do other than your best. still a nice map thanks!

AlphaDogs @dogmanbytes

Can you put in the game menu a pic showing night map over the day map?

[FRS]=Freddy= @frsfreddy

Hi, you want to know how to do this? I don't know but the creator of the map "Toro" did it with his map, maybe you ask him.

[FRS]=Freddy= @frsfreddy

Hmm... that's a good question. (;

[BG]Nomy61 @bgnomy61

is this map updated for 1.7 thx

[FRS]=Freddy= @frsfreddy

Relesae version: 0.6 / Beta.
Changes see above in the description.


[FRS]=Freddy= @frsfreddy

Relesae version: 0.5 / Beta.

# # # # Look out! Scenarios renamed for a better map selection overview (which doesn't really help) :) # # # #

For changes see description


RocketRammer @rocketrammer

Thanks Freddy! Look forward to giving this a try!