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Pruefstand 7 for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Compiled with the current version!

Attention! Unfortunately only the "M" version of the map works for "checkpoint".
@Serveradmins please delete the "L" and "XL" start parameters from your server files.

Hello guys,
i want to introduce you my Insurgency sandstorm custom map named "Pruefstand_7"

based of my projects:

Freddy @Steam


Test Stand VII (German: Pruefstand VII, P-7) was the principal V-2 rocket testing facility at Peenemuende Airfield......

This scenario served me as an inspiration for this map (Nuclear Basis with "post cold war" feeling)

It is not a 1:1 conversion.

Remake of the Insurgency Custom Map "ps7 insurgency-2".

Infiltrate a nuclear facility and liberate it.

Fight with your troops in a multi-level bunker facility or on the surface with numerous buildings.

But be warned, only the best will survive.

Test Server

User Posted Image


  • Checkpoint_Security Standard / Hardcore
  • Outpost
  • Firefight
  • Team Deadmatch
  • Domination
  • Frontline
  • Push

Additionally I use purchased content from the "UE4" Marketplace

Ballistic Missiles (by OfficialCH)

Nuclear Silo (by MagnusKristiansen)

On request and permission from the content creator "MagnusKristiansen" I use his example map "Nuclear Base" as a start for my project.

It saved me some time, because I would build it similar.

I have adapted and supplemented the content for my project.

The remaining buildings on the surface I created with my own static meshes and brushes, the two underground bunker facilities with meshes purchased from him.

Map Name: Pruefstand_7

Scenario Names & Server command line

Coop Server Start Parameters







Firefight Server Start Parameters:



Team Deadmatch Server Start Parameters:



Domination Server Start Parameters:



Frontline Server Start Parameters:



Push Server Start Parameters:



MapCycle.txt Parameters






Coop Hardcore:














to do: a lot :)

  • optimize the map (draw distance, cull distance volumes, lods
  • limprove starting "V2" rocket
  • sound / custom sounds

and more...

Known Issues:

  • The map overview shows only the surface but not the lower bunker facilities

Beta 1.5

  • Compiled with the current version
  • Underground bunkers removed
  • Fixed Terrain

Here a video which I test the map with 63 bots in "Firefight" game mode

Have fun



filedata.14.zip1.39gbBeta 1.5

filedata.13.zip1.78gbBeta 1.4

filedata.12.zip1.78gbBeta 1.3

filedata.11.zip1.77gbBeta 1.2

filedata.10.zip1.96gbBeta 1.1

filedata.9.zip1.66gbBeta 1.0

filedata.8.zip1.66gbBeta 0.9

filedata.7.zip1.66gbBeta 0.8

filedata.6.zip1.65gbBeta 0.7

filedata.5.zip1.28gbBeta 0.6

filedata.4.zip1.29gbBeta 0.5

filedata.3.zip1.27gbBeta 04

filedata.2.zip1.25gbBeta 03

filedata.1.zip1.21gbBeta 02

filedata.zip1.19gbbeta release 1.00


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-[U|S|A]-WilliamF @usa-williamf

Hi Freddy, just wondering if the verses modes such as domination and firefight can have a version where all objectives are on the surface level?

=Freddy= @frsfreddy

Hi William,
I could adjust the "M" version, actually all objects should be there.

-[U|S|A]-WilliamF @usa-williamf

Sounds good, thank you.

Mamba45 @mamba45

Thanks for the update, the M version is still plenty big and works better for us.
Only complaint is the blast door at the very top level of the yellow gridwork floors at Echo. Didn't that used to open? Can't get to Foxtrot without going allll the way back down and outside and then up over the hill.

=Freddy= @frsfreddy

Hi Mamba45,
I think I'll move the "E" point further up so you don't have to walk all the way back.
Unfortunately you have to be patient because I'm about to add the survival mode.


=Freddy= @frsfreddy

Release Beta 1.5

· Compiled with the current version
· Underground bunkers removed
· Fixed Terrain

Attention! Unfortunately only the "M" version of the map works for "checkpoint".
@Serveradmins please delete the "L" and "XL" start parameters from your server files.


-[U|S|A]-WilliamF @usa-williamf

Thanks for coming back and keeping the mods alive. I really like your maps.

=Freddy= @frsfreddy

Hello William,
i'm glad you like my maps. :)
I would have released the update earlier if one of the last NWI updates had not damaged my map.
So only a smaller version is available.


MajorBurns @majorburns

Needs to be updated and reposted for new version of sandstorm

=Freddy= @frsfreddy

The map can be edited and compiled again. Unfortunately only the "M" version of the map works. So I will release a new version (without the underground bunkers) soon.

=Freddy= @frsfreddy

still the map can not be edited with the modtools. I have all versions from Beta 01 - 1.4 tested. For testing also a version without the underground bunker was created to reduce the size of the map and the number of objects / assets.
This also did not bring any success. The error occurred after the updates about 1 year ago. Nothing was changed on the map and before the update everything worked without problems. Too bad about the time :(

[BG]Nomy61 @none28

hi freddy can we get this updated to run on 1.11 and a survival mode would be nice too :)

=Freddy= @frsfreddy

hi, as mentioned below, the map no longer loads since the last updates. The editor crashes. Tests with backups have unfortunately not worked either. I hope that I find the error, the map was a lot of work :(

[BG]Nomy61 @none28

Jesus how does the devs lets this happen with all the good custom being designed grrr

=Freddy= @frsfreddy

I don't know, that's also one of the reasons why I don't care about Sandstorm anymore.

DarkGhost7 @darkghost7

What is >>M,L,XL<< these?? i don't understand the commands

=Freddy= @frsfreddy

it´s really quite simple.
M: smallest version, checkpoints mainly on the above ground.
L: medium version, checkpoints on the above ground and in the first underground level
XL: largest version, checkpoints on the above ground and on the first and second underground levels

DarkGhost7 @darkghost7

Wow so there are 3 versions of this map by sizes in 1 Mod?? Cool.. I didn't know if this possible

MRDrummer25 @mrdrummer25

Love this map!

One suggestion: I would love it if the entrance overpass watchtower and the wall corner watchtowers could have their walls reduced in height enough for bipods to mount.

=Freddy= @frsfreddy

I wanted to implement your suggestion today.
Unfortunately, the map can no longer be loaded for editing.
Also different backups of the map do not work.
The last editor update seems to cause the error
This is also the case for the map "der riese".
Both maps are quite large, my smaller maps can still be edited.
Unfortunately I don't have the time to search for a bug probably caused by "NWI".
Thanks for your understanding.

MRDrummer25 @mrdrummer25

That's a shame indeed :( Well thanks for trying!