Insurgency: Sandstorm

Redback - Armoury for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Incorporating "Fire Supports: Thermobarics & Co for Insurgency,"
by Kerman1943 modio ID 405400

Incompatible with theater modifying mutators and mods

Open Canyon?Scenario=Scenario_Crossing_Checkpoint?Lighting=Day?mutators=RBG_armoury_1

Four Classes:

Commander: Supreme leader, of his killer team, listen to his fire support warnings, or you could die.
Infantry: Most weapons, all players have radio.
Support: LMGs, automatic rifles, explosives eg RPG 7, AT4 etc and all players have radio,
Recon: Recon/Sniper, meant to be stealthy, and a silent killer, has Binoculars and radio, does not need "Observer."


2nd Secondary: MP7, TOZ and M870 have less ammo, than primaries, this is because they're for breaching, and clearing, not meant to be a primary replacement.
40MM grenade launcher has 5 extra rounds

To call in Truck, with mounted minigun, press, and hold X (default fire support)+ J + left mouse button.

Fire Supports for Security

Thermobaric Rockets
You wanted a point dead? We gotcha! We'll wipe that point from this plane of existence and everything in a +50m radius around that. Also probably PTSD inducing.
Safe distance in the open: 70-80m
Marked by bright orange flare colour and also gives a warning in chat

JDAM Strike
Replaces Smoke Artillery
Pesky fortified building? Don't worry! With the help of Warlock, these JDAMs will turn anyone inside a building to paste as long as it's no taller than 3 - 4 stories.
Safe distance in the open: 65m
Marked by bright cyan flare colour

Minigun Truck
A minigun. On a truck. Does it need any more explanation? It can also hurt caches (very slowly).
The trucks may refuse to spawn on certain maps or at certain places. This is due to the code needed to spawn it in and usually must spawn at navmesh areas for vehicles such as roads. This is also the reason why there are 10 trucks available in case some refuse to spawn.
Marked by grey flare

Hind Gunship
Replaces standard Apache Gunship (AI still uses it though)
A gunship with a 12.7mm minigun... at 5000 rounds per minute... and 64 rockets to launch. Piloted by our favorite little miss teamkiller Assassin. She's pretty good with aiming the gun this time... Usually...
I may switch the Hind to insurgents later down the line if requested.
The model was originally found and made here and is being used under Creative Commons.

Fire Supports for Insurgents

'Purple Haze' Drones
Replaces Smoke Mortars
No one knows what this is, where it came from or who made it. Only that it kills everything near it in mere seconds.
WARNING: Purple Haze cannot be extinguished nor will gas masks protect from it. You MUST stay clear of it to survive.
Safe distance in the open: Not purple
Marked by bright purple flare colour

Bombing Run
Replaces Bomber Drones
Some bright guy thought it would be a good idea to give the insurgents air support in the form of a jet with some massive bombs. They were right.
Safe distance in the open: Not along the bomber's route.
Marked by bright green flare colour
This was originally a submunition run but had to be changed out due to the excessive lag it created.
Uses a custom plane model found here and is being used under Creative Commons.

White Phosphorous Airburst
Replaces Explosive Mortars
Recreate Spec Ops: The Line with this incredibly horrific airburst weapon. Or uh... I dunno... fireworks? Extreme lag may result as it splits into fragments with detonating. Hide under a building or look away from it to stop the lag.
Safe distance in the open: Varies per map
Marked by deep blue flare colour

Supply Truck
Replaces IED Drone
It turns out some of the recent batch of drones were faulty. While someone was off dealing with the warranty issues, a truck with a whole lotta ammo was found.
Not really much to say about this. If you don't have line of sight with the crate but are close enough, you can press Loadout Menu and then Esc/Save Loadout to resupply. Same navmesh issues as minigun truck due to the spawn code.
Marked by grey flare

Don't you see habibi? This weapon has the means to end this hideous war in a definitive and elegant manner. The starting timer was set to 600 seconds to help avoid this possibility but it will never be foolproof.
Safe distance in the open: approx. 250 -300m.

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1.0.71, hopefully thermos updated, the editor is a pain in the arse, it does different things, on different days, with exactly the same source files... grrr

Rover_Redback_Admin @rover-redback-admin

1.0.59 Added "Push" mode

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1.0.58 adjusted mags/rounds.. also heavy carrier has more than light

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First comment is mine.. lol, Please do not correct "armoury," I am not a yank.

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"Armoury" is correct, but you seem to have a problem reading, and understanding.