Insurgency: Sandstorm

Rcon_Score for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by [SEL]{SG}Heromanofer (mod ID: 135836)


mod is changing to sumthing interesting I am making stats tracking.for now I gonna reveal that you can see result if you do:
Mutator inside this mod --> Rcon_Test (First version for testing)

Gamemode --> Is inside and for now the only scenario to see result is: Open Ministry?Scenario=Scenario_Ministry_Checkpoint_testing
unfortunately I copied NWIs scenario thinking that all will be set for me, but there is no spawns for people so the only thing you can do is observer your log file: I am adding surprise there or if ya have rcon connection after round finished and ya see text in chat, do: Gamemodeproperty GameModeTagName. first version of mutator might be ready soon. I will ask for help from others to make my gamemode better by dumping all info into DB and yes discord bot\website, but for now focus is on RCON and STATS, since this whole thing is intended for DGL but I am also gonna make sure Ya all can use it.


filedata.6.zip1.42mb1.4 (Tag)


filedata.4.zip1.42mb1.0.3 2nd test






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[SEL]{SG}Heromanofer @sel-heromanofer

to be clear, server in chat and that rcon and dat log file shows deaths, I am working on KDA and other stuff. but first for sure will be KDA