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Red Oasis for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by Talk2TheHoof (mod ID: 440337)


Welcome to Red Oasis, a small settlement surrounded by cliffy mountains, a big minefield and a military outpost.

The economy in the area is suffering from the surpression caused by the military presence. Even the biggest water supplies are hold off from the village members.

But they are not giving up the fight. THE RESISTANCE STAYS STRONG!

I haven't got the progress of "Red Oasis" as far as I was aiming for by the end of the Mapping Contest.
Especially several more buildings and a lot of environmental storytelling areas are still missing.

Thank you NWI for this challenging competition!
I have learned a lot of new things about working with Unreal Engine 4 for future projects.
Thank you all for playing my map, the feedback, the support in the "Modding Discord" and of course for liking my map! :)

I am very grateful for every vote during the following community voting period. :)

Implemented is only a Checkpoint Gamemode (Objectives A-G) for the security team with daylight setting.

//Additionally Hardcore Difficulty Mode for the Checkpoint-Security-Scenario (Patch 0.38) - Complete Working in 0.39

Known issue:

Shadow projection acts a bit weird at some objects.

For Local Play:

Open RedOasis?Scenario=Scenario_RedOasis_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Day

Open RedOasis?Scenario=Scenario_RedOasis_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Day?Game=CheckpointHardcore


























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RareK @rarek

Will you be working on this project anymore? I can do some optimizations and keep it maintained if you like.

Limeth @limeth

The garage at D has no entrance to the rest of the building, which seems like a missed opportunity. The same issue with C and F, no entrance to the 1st floor, only from the outside. There is a lack of cover in between objectives. If the enemy had sniper rifles, it would be impossible to make any progress. As acknowledged, some of the interiors are missing shadows.
Other than that, the map is consistent in theme, the interior design is nice, and works pretty well for Checkpoint. Would be interesting to see if it would be possible to make a push adaptation, as I mostly play PvP. Fun map to play, good job!

Talk2TheHoof @talk2thehoof

Thank you!!! :) I do agree 100% with the lack of cover in between the objectives. I should have been more focused at the environmental exterior design than the interior design of the objectives at first.
My intention with the unconnected building floors was to force the player moving more around than staying the whole counterattack at one spot like in vanilla maps more or less. But you are right doing this at 3 objectives might be a bit overkilling.

Rover_Redback_Admin @rover-redback-admin

Really nice map, FPS now very good...I would suggest on the last objective, bot spawn needs moving.. see link... they spawn where my crosshairs are.. so easy to slaughter them.

Talk2TheHoof @talk2thehoof

Awesome! Thank you so much for the feedback! :)
That bug report helped me a lot. I have moved the problematic bot spawn area more in cover, added a additional fourth spawn area (random spawns), optimised the mountain landscape and added more ambush bot positions as quicker fixes. That should improve the counter attacks difficulty by a bit.

Rover_Redback_Admin @rover-redback-admin

Very good map, however, a number of players are experiencing low fps.

Talk2TheHoof @talk2thehoof

Thank you. :) 0.37 is already increasing the performance by a huge amount but I am working on more optimisation changes and adding more detail to the map.
Were the performance issues mostly reported around objective A on the way to B or in other areas too?
Due to the higher exterior object amount at A this is still kind of an issue although I have got the map at this area much more optimised from patch to patch.

[0]Whiskey @0whiskey

At the last point we get the message "More Players Needed." Is there any way to get rid of that and allow normal capture? Thanks.

Talk2TheHoof @talk2thehoof

Were you able to respawn after capturing/defending F?

Talk2TheHoof @talk2thehoof

Hey. Thx for checking out my map. :) I checked the minimum player count in the map settings and its still at one player at each objective.
Might be a server/ local server issue? has a nice documentation ( about the server settings. Maybe the adding of bots in your team (checkpoint settings) will fix your issue?
//To eliminate any possibilities that my mod is causing the issue i am going to test it later. :)
//Tested it once again local and everything works fine for me :/

[BG]Nomy61 @bgnomy61

is there a hardcore mode to this map

Talk2TheHoof @talk2thehoof

Nope. And i am not sure if i will implement another gamemode in the near future. Before making a new gamemode I am focusing on completing and optimising the map for the specific checkpoint-security-day-normal-difficulty-scenario. :)

[REDi]1RMAJPolTuurd @redi1rcaptpoltuurd

just FYI on the spawn after u take alpha , we spawned on or near the respawn of the enemy (near bravo) , we were slaughtered

Talk2TheHoof @talk2thehoof

Woah thats not good. thx for playing it and the feedback. :) I am going to fix it in 0.36 coming out in the next days with a new POI and other visual changes.

d4d330 @d4d330

Played last night, performance was much better, zero insurgent hostiles attacked final CP on defend. They seemed to be stuck in a small group.

Talk2TheHoof @talk2thehoof

Thx for the feedback :) Have you played with the 0.34? I released with it a small hotfix for the capture zones.
//Edit: Known Issue - The capture zones are triggering the wrong volume, so the zones are bigger than expected to be. This may trigger the hostile attack issue. I am on it. :)
//Should be fixed now. :)

Talk2TheHoof @talk2thehoof

//Edit: After all the changes for 0.33 and the much better performance, the lighting optimizations that i did have destroyed the day scenario pretty much (with shadows through walls, no shadows, black painted stuff) and produces even higher draw call spikes like in 0.32. Working hard to find a solution. Thank you for your patience. :)
I made several changes for the upcoming second public version 0.33 to improve the performance and bugfixes.
But after all the changes new bugs occured. :/ I am trying to release the bigger patch 0.33 today (CET). :)
The drawcall is now reduced up to around 80% in some areas, sadly its still a bit to high at A and B.
That should make the map more playable to test it on a server.

Talk2TheHoof @talk2thehoof

0.33 is released! :) //changelog is added
Sadly I wasn't able to fix the issue from yesterday completely but the even higher draw calls are reduced again.
Aiming to find a solution for the next patch.

d4d330 @d4d330

Threw it on my server and stopped playing before I got to C due to terrible frame rates, 19 to 30 in a LOT of places.
There as a cave on the left before you reach the junkyard fence at A that leads under the whole hill, like under the map.
Keep at it...

Talk2TheHoof @talk2thehoof

Thx for testing it! :) I have tested it only local without any performance issues but i know there is still a lot to optimize. I am on it.
Going to fix the trap in the next patch. :)