Insurgency: Sandstorm

Riders for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by xeonornexus (mod ID: 970969)


Mutator name : Riders
Mod ID : 970969

1. Add in point shooting (toggleable)
2. Modifies the reload speed of all guns, so that they feel more natural and have a sense of urgency
3. Reduced bot HP (vanilla sidearms are much more viable now, especially on higher bot counts)
4. Add in a number of attachments to improve the performance of the guns (eg: shotgun can pump faster, bolt action cycles faster etc)
5. Allows full access to all weapons and attachments

TLDR: Make the game less frustrating.

Play on higher bot counts. (eg: 40)





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DarkGhost7 @darkghost7

I've been wanting something like this! like ISMC but as vanila!
thank you so much!!

DarkGhost7 @darkghost7

Noooo.. idk what mod is causing trouble but It crashs game.
class name doesn't show and all weapon,equipments are gone

Peugeot405srd @peugeot405srd

Seems I'm having the same issue. No class names and unable to select loadout.
Only had this mutator active on the server

xeonornexus @xeonornexus

Does it crash if you try to load the game with only the mod enabled?

Also, the mod is incompatible with whatever mod that changes player loadouts and player factions.

DarkGhost7 @darkghost7

Just confirmed game crashes without any other mod. i don't understand....
Does mod work with Hardcore CP? I always play HC only so that might have caused the issue i think

boromir7 @boromir7

I like the Point Shooting ,without laser, works good, also faster pump on shotgun is nice, reminds me of my CSS days -timing is just right.

xeonornexus @xeonornexus

Same! Generally I feel I am more accurate without laser when doing point shooting.
Glad you like it, I felt the vanilla pumping action is way too slow. Thanks!

MOsabbroxd @mosabbroxd

i have one suggestion: can you make the enemy bots use the new classes instead the vanilla classes ?? (to make them use more RPGs aginst us)

xeonornexus @xeonornexus

I can make the enemy bots use the same classes as the players, the weapons they choose will still be random.

MOsabbroxd @mosabbroxd

great.....can you make it ??

xeonornexus @xeonornexus

I am thinking about it, because if it prevents any AI mod to be used in tandem with my mod then I might not do it.