Insurgency: Sandstorm

SaltMine for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by FredricoDLac (mod ID: 436873)


Insurgents have managed to hijack an Apache Helicopter and is using it to perform devastating hit and run ambushes throughout the region.
The location of the lost Apache has been difficult to pin-point but intelligence has indications that an old mining facility might be it.
With security forces spread thin searching multiple locations your squad is tasked with searching the old salt mine and find and secure the lost helicopter.

Developer Notes:

SaltMine was built as a primarily as a checkpoint map for the 2020 Mapping Contest
Enough coffee was available to add some additional content (Night lightning, Push Game Mode and Hardcore)

I would like to be judged on the Checkpoint Security gamemode

Currently the following game modes are available in day and night lightning:


Checkpoint (including Hardcore versions):
Scenario: Scenario_SaltMine_Checkpoint_Security

Local Play:
Open SaltMine?Scenario=Scenario_SaltMine_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Day
Open SaltMine?Scenario=Scenario_SaltMine_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Night

PvP (note that the map is originally designed for co-op):

Scenario: Scenario_SaltMine_Push_Security

Local Play:
Open SaltMine?Scenario=Scenario_SaltMine_Push_Security?Lighting=Day
Open SaltMine?Scenario=Scenario_SaltMine_Push_Security?Lighting=Night

This is my first Insurgency map - I´ve had fun building - Hope you enjoy playing it.

I do love feedback if you have any please leave a comment!

Have Fun









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MajorBurns @majorburns

Needs to be updated and reposted for new version of sandstorm

[BG]Nomy61 @none28

Can u add a hardcore mode to this map

Sparkie951 @sparkie951

With the newest Sandstorm... Now crashes the client when loading/joining map

Krycek1 @krycek1

Dislike for 0 effort on sound design.

istasyon @istasyon

map is looking good but you need to work on restricted areas and bot spawn points because bots are spawning right front of us it's killing the whole atmosphere. i hope you will fix it i'm waiting for update to play this on my server again

FredricoDLac @fredricodlac1

Yeah I'll see if I can adjust restricts when i update the spawns.

kdjac @kdjac

Great map but when AI is set higher than normal all the bots die just after you cap A. We have it set to 28 and they all die once we cap A.

FredricoDLac @fredricodlac1

Thanks for playing I've started to look at the Ai spawn and how to address the suicides

SilentKiwik @silentkiwik

Really love this map!

Some issues we have encountered while playing on it:

- when assaulting A as Security, the respawning AI seem to throw themselves off a cliff somewhere (can't see them, but the killfeed shows multiple suicides);
- when defending C, in case palyer respawns are allowed, an AI spawner is situated between the respawn point and C, making it very hard to reach the objective itself;
- when defending the last point, a lot of the AI will spawn on those rafts to the South and remain stuck there, unable to reach the point.

Other than that, one of the best maps I've played, great work!

FredricoDLac @fredricodlac1

Thanks for the feedback and kind words.
Yep, you are absolutely correct - AI spawning needs another pass.

TacticalGaming @tacticalgaming

Love this map so much. This has to be hands down one of my favorite ever! I will put this up on the servers for sure. Are these original assets or are they from Sandstorm? Or is it a mix? I would love to possibly pay you to export this project to use as a demo level for a game we are building at Tactical Gaming community. Its a spiritual suceessor to Rainbow Six 3, Rogue Spear, Swat 4, early Ghost Recon games.

FredricoDLac @fredricodlac1

Hi, Thanks for the kind words.
It is a mix between original assets and Sandstorm assets (Modified and unmodified).

miltonjackson @miltonjackson

Because of playing way to much Hillside, i am not a big fan of snow maps anymore. That being said, this map looks outrageously Beautiful and it really drives this feeling home of being in a very special place. You did a perfect job here.
My biggest critic is the size, its just a little to small thus making it feel a little forced especially between A and D, it feels like you are just running back and forth. Also the bots still die on mass upon respawning on A and B. The last CP though is very well done with the bots coming from both sides. Another downside in my eyes, there is a little to much clutter on the floor on some places between A and C and as jumping in Sandstorm sucks it sometimes becomes annoying. That being said you have great imagination and skill to create a special place! i absolutely would love to see another map from you in the future.
As a final score, i give it a 8.5/10. In the name of my Community we thank you very much for your contribution and hard work! We would love to invite you sometime to come and play a round with us over at ISMC Hardcore. Cheers

FredricoDLac @fredricodlac1

Thanks for playing and providing feedback.
Your points are valid. I personally think it would have benefitted from being bit larger.
Thanks for the kind words

tacplay @tacplay

Tested the map.
First of all, beautiful, most of all authentic and realistic setting, very good work!
Some comments:
- there's no background noises, maybe you could implement the outskirt ones
- specially like that players respawn at A, that's like reinforcements and should be standard (for HC)
- superb is, enemies spawn vertically up sometimes, great job in this aspect! Would love to see more coverActors there!
- very nice lighting inside the mountain, very tense atmosphere, really like it
- a minor thing, but one of our mates dropped into the river, there's no way of getting out of there, end of the world
- on the left side, there are some glitches, where you can see through the map (coastline so to say, on the left of B)
- will report back if we run into additional things

Nice map so far, fits our goal to immersive gameplay perfectly. Thanks for your work!

FredricoDLac @fredricodlac1

Thanks for the extensive feedback.
I was a bit afraid that people would not like the "respawn at A" thing. I thought it was a small map and thus add some to the thematic and challenge. Glad that you enjoyed that.

All aspects of your feedback are solid and I´ll look into it once the contest lock is over.
Thanks for playing!

[aCe]Xindrum @acexindrum

Can you make every point like the last? where everyone has to be on the point to cap?

FredricoDLac @fredricodlac1

Shure, that´s just a tickbox. Should be no problem to implement that change.

Scotify @scotify

Don't do that. Rest of co-op community will get really annoyed, last objective only in some situations which I think this map works great for.

[REDi]1RCAPTDerryl @redi1rcaptderryl

For a smaller map theres a lot goin on! Love the detail and difficulty, Top 3 for sure.

FredricoDLac @fredricodlac1

I'm happy you liked the map.
Thanks for playing and the kind words