Insurgency: Sandstorm

Scale Bot Amount (v1.1.1) for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Note: This is a mutator for the server-side. Its also for Coop only.

This mutator will scale the amount of enemy bot for people using bBots. It will scale base on the MinimumEnemies and MaximumEnemies. Please make sure you set yours MaxPlayersToScaleEnemyCount to the number of players to scale with.

Mutator name:
- ScaleBotAmount

Default game.ini

;Enable enemy bot scale for bBots

;Enemy bot scale base on your friendly bot too. Otherwise, just players

;Your team will lose only if your whole team is dead (including friendly bot) with no reinforcement wave left
;You will still lose if enemy recap your checkpoint because that part of the gamemode

The formula for scaling the bot

players = players + (friendly bots)
scaleplayer = amount of player to scale with
max = maximum enemies
min = minimum enemies

domain x >= 1 otherwise x = 1
f(x) = x - 1

(((max - min) / (scaleplayer - 1)) * f(players)) + min

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Pufu1 @pufu1

Hey man, can someone help me out here? I cant quite get this to work. I want to play with a couple of friends, without friendly bots and scale enemies up. I still only get 2 Bot Enemies per player, even though in my calculations it should be 5.

MinEnemies 20
MaxEnemies 38
MaxPlayersToScaleEnemyCount 5

thanks in advance

WintorOperator @wintoroperator

Can you make a version for Outpost?


It doesn't work, please confirm.


Whether it is turned on or not, the last player will not lose the game directly after death.

d4d330 @d4d330

Circleus, no matter what I set maxplayers to, I always get 3 of 60 solo enemies bots when I'm the only player on the server. What am I not understanding? I should mention, I got 4 enemy bot per player before update, so it was 1 player vs 4...
Thanks, Dadeeo

Circleus @circleus

Are you using bBots? If you not using bBots then don't use this.
You also have to set the MinimumEnemies and MaximumEnemies.
Please read the description.

Setting maxplayers has nothing to do with scaling the amount of bot. That's only for the amount of players in-game. The amount of bot spawn is base on MaxPlayersToScaleEnemyCount, MinimumEnemies, and MaximumEnemies.

Make sure you not making any typos.

[BG]Nomy61 @bgnomy61

hi circleus is this updated for 1.71 thx

d4d330 @d4d330

I sure hope you take over the more ammo mod... :-)

Brengun @brengun

Is there a way to stop the enemy bots from winning on a point when you are defending it in COOP?
I did set this in the game.ini: bLoseWhenWholeTeamDead=True
The bots still take the win on any defense point once they kill the last person on it even though there are still remaining waves.
Maybe there is another setting in the game.ini to stop this that I have missed?

Swagger200 @swagger200

To try to help with this, I set these parameters in game.ini under
[/Script/Insurgency.INSGameMode]- ObjectiveCaptureTime=60, ObjectiveResetTime=-1, ObjectiveSpeedup=0.0. This at least buys you some time to make the long run back to the objective.

Brengun @brengun

Thanks for the suggestion

Circleus @circleus

There no way to stop the enemy bot from recap the point. You will lose the moment they recap the point with no bots or anyone on the checkpoint during the counter-attack. That's part of the gamemode unless you want to make your own custom gamemode.
You can try workaround like extend the counter attack time or remove the counter attack.

The bLoseWhenWholeTeamDead is only for when you try to get the point with alive friendly bot and waves left then you won't lose.

-Zhourias- @zhourias

Hello again, there might be an issue with the calculation as when i was testing the server by myself it seemed to be doing the calculation as if x/Player = 2 rather than 1 which ends up with 8 bots when it should be 6 my settings are:

With bBots enabled but bScaleWithFriendlyBot=False and even then FriendlyBotQuota=0 so i dunno

Circleus @circleus

It should be fixed now

-Zhourias- @zhourias

Still seems to be having the issue, when playing by myself the enemy bot count is not the min

Circleus @circleus

It is fixed.
It seems like the server console count as another player. I wasn't able to find any issue in my editor.

-Zhourias- @zhourias

Actually nevermind it seems to of been fixed after another server restart. Thanks for the help love the work as always

-Zhourias- @zhourias

Is there a way to fix it or would i just need to lower my min player count?

-Zhourias- @zhourias

So does this scale both the friendly bots and enemy bots? or just the enemy bots?

Circleus @circleus

Scale enemy bots base on players or players + friendly bots, for people that play with bBots enabled.