Insurgency: Sandstorm

Scale Bot Amount (v1.2.0) for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by Destinate (mod ID: 135290)


Note: This is a mutator for the server-side. Its also for Coop only.

This mutator will scale the amount of enemy bot for people using bSoloGame. It will scale base on the MinimumEnemies and MaximumEnemies. Please make sure you set yours MaxPlayersToScaleEnemyCount to the number of players to scale with.

As long as a coop gamemode use bSoloGameand SoloEnemies then this mod will work.

Mutator name:
- ScaleBotAmount

Default game.ini

;Enable enemy bot scale for bBots

;Enemy bot scale base on your friendly bot too. Otherwise, just players

;Your team will lose only if your whole team is dead (including friendly bot) with no reinforcement wave left
;You will still lose if enemy recap your checkpoint because that part of the gamemode

The formula for scaling the bot

players = players + (friendly bots)
scaleplayer = amount of players to scale with
max = maximum enemies
min = minimum enemies

domain x >= 1 otherwise x = 1
f(x) = x - 1

(((max - min) / (scaleplayer - 1)) * f(players)) + min

Use bForceSoloWaves=True if you want to enable the waves
FriendlyBotQuota=8 if you want to have friendly bots

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Strelok26m6xqHU0Xt2p @strelok26m6xqhu0xt2p

After some objectives, enemies just stop to spawn =/ Have no idea what i'm doing wrong.

TiiMe @tiime

Hey, is there a way to make sure that the game ends after all bots and players die, even IF we still have wave tokens? I've tried everything, but the game never ends when everyone is dead- we're always stuck waiting for the timer to be done so that we can spawn. "bLoseWhenAllPlayersDead=True" didn't work, and your mod doesnt seem to fix it, despite the "bLoseWhenWholeTeamDead" modifier. Am I doing something wrong?

tashaklane @tashaklane

im new to modding do you have a video telling how to activate and use

TheKnitby @theknitby

Hey Destinate, could you by chance also add in the option for friendly bots to respawn on their own (does not matter if they consume waves or not) without having to wait for the player to respawn?

TayLord @taylord

Is there an issue with the scaling in vanilla or is ot the addition of bLoseWhenWholeTeamDead that makes this needed? Cause this would require bSoloGame to work after 1.11? Then itd just be doing what vanilla does but using SoloEnemies instead of Min/Max.

Destinate @destinate

This just change the SoloEnemies to use Min/Max. The vanilla scaling only works if you aren't using bBots/bSoloGame. It is just some server owners want to have FriendlyBot and which requires bBots/bSoloGame to be enabled to have friendly bots.

TayLord @taylord

Got it, but vanilla scaling works for everything except bSoloGame after the hotfix. The only thing bSoloGame does now is fix the bot count to SoloEnemies instead of the scaling by player count. Ai enemy and teammates can be added with bBots, which works with scaling. There was a bug in 1.11 initially that bBots disabled friendly AI and so bSoloGame was required, but they fixed in the hotfix. So by setting bSoloGame now, all you're doing is turning off scaling only to turn it on again with this mod.

Destinate @destinate

Pretty much
Another thing is that using the min and max, the bot will respawn. Like your max is 30 bots but somehow a single checkpoint you get like 50 bots because they respawn. But using the bSoloGame with the SoloEnemies, they don't respawn at all.

[TFR]GhostZero @kcballistic650

bLoseWhenWholeTeamDead is set to false, however, we will still lose the round if everyone dies when we haven't even captured the objective.

Destinate @destinate

Will have to take a look at it when I have time. Probably the update changed something related to it.

[TFR]GhostZero @kcballistic650

Great, appreciate it!

Shoot2Skoot @shoot2skoot

Is it at all possible to use this with the Custom Scenerios Mod's Operation Gamemode?

Destinate @destinate

It should work. This only config change for SoloEnemies.

SHTH34D @shth34d

I can't seem to uninstall it? I deleted the mod folder, unsubscribed, and removed it from the mods list but it still shows scalebotamount in the mods list?

Destinate @destinate

If you are playing on a server that using it, it will automatically download when u join that server regardless of whether you subscribed or not. The server will have to remove the mod id.

If you are not playing on a server that running it, all you have to do is just unsubscribe and delete the mod as you said and then you have to close the game and steam and restart the game. It should be removed.

Bacon1636367439 @bacon1636367439

I can't get friendly bots to spawn after the update, no matter what settings I try. Where do you find all these settings for game.ini, is there a maintained official list of settings somewhere?

Destinate @destinate

Bacon1636367439 It's in the mod tool. You actually have to go through there. NWI has the admin guide though which contains these settings.

Have you tried enabling bSoloGame=True and FriendlyBotQuota=8 in your INSCoopMode?
For sure that will spawn friendly bots because I tested it myself.

Shoot2Skoot @shoot2skoot

Is bSoloGame supposed to go into [/Script/Insurgency.INSCoopMode] of the Game.ini? All of my other Game.ini settings are working but when I check the value of bSoloGame with rcon, it's returning False, even though I have it set to true in Game.ini.

I've tried putting it under [/Script/Insurgency.INSCoopMode] and [/Script/Insurgency.INSCheckpointGameMode]. Neither seemed to work.

Destinate @destinate

Shoot2Skoot If not working then put it in your startup parameter

Bacon1636367439 @bacon1636367439

The number of enemies will still not scale with MinimumEnemies and MaximumEnemies, but I will look further into that tomorrow to figure out what my problem is. One step at at time. :)

Bacon1636367439 @bacon1636367439

Yess! That did the trick. Thank you very much! :)

Bacon1636367439 @bacon1636367439

Yep, tried that. Even tried reinstalling the server, deleting all settings and starting fresh. No friendly bots will ever spawn. Strange, I see other people doing it that exact way as you, and it's just working. It's no big deal though, I usually don't play with AI team mates, but it's annoying that I can't figure out what's wrong. It was working perfectly before the update, so something obviously happened. Thanks for your response. :)