Insurgency: Sandstorm

Sector9 for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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More about this project - Check out my Behance Post (Trailers, overview videos, level design speed art, gameplay videos)


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Launch game. In the main menu, select "LOCAL PLAY" and start any map/mode. Once loaded, hit tilde key ` on your keyboard to open up dev console and then enter the following command for the game mode you want to play.

Domination Mode Open Sector9_Main?Scenario=Scenario_Sector9_Domination?bBots=1
Team Deathmatch Mode Open Sector9_Main?Scenario=Scenario_Sector9_TDM?bBots=1
Firefight Mode Open Sector9_Main?Scenario=Scenario_Sector9_Firefight?bBots=1

(I do not recommend Firefight mode on this map - Reason: Spawn kill (or spawn trap) is unavoidable in a compact map like this with no cover for the teams spawn zones. So it's not fair and balanced for this game mode)

This is my first ever map design that I did. This is pretty much inspired by typical CSGO maps.

Sector9 is a compact map that provides fast-paced action with tighter chokepoints and a decent amount of verticality. "The insurgents have broken in the compound just before the construction gets done."

The map layout is original. All the models are sourced from already existing game assets.

HUGE THANKS to the "Insurgency: Sandstorm Modding" Discord community for various troubleshooting help, I couldn't have reached this point without them.




filedata.3.zip231.88mb1.0.1 (Ignore this build)





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DarkGhost7 @darkghost7

Okay i'v tried over several hours and i have no faintest idea what is
the map cycle command line for domination and team deathmatch
This is the line i tried. And somehow it's not working. what is proper line?

VMax_RPR @vmax-rpr

Hi. The last time I played it, the map opened with these commands that I also put in the description. Have you tried these?

Domination Mode: Open Sector9_Main?Scenario=Scenario_Sector9_Domination?bBots=1
Team Deathmatch Mode: Open Sector9_Main?Scenario=Scenario_Sector9_TDM?bBots=1
Firefight Mode: Open Sector9_Main?Scenario=Scenario_Sector9_Firefight?bBots=1

BlargedyBlargedy @blargedyblargedy

Do you have any plans to add a checkpoint version?

VMax_RPR @vmax-rpr

Hi. No, no plans for checkpoint. I think my map won't play out well with Checkpoint.

BlargedyBlargedy @blargedyblargedy

hmm perhaps not. Maps that don't play push well won't play checkpoint well. That being said I run 70 melee only bots on checkpoint so I end up having to kite konga lines of enemies around, so I don't know how much the linear advancing map design affinity of checkpoint will matter for my style of play.

syntaxErr0rz @syntaxerr0rz

I feel like this map would be great for Firefight if you just created extensions on both sides of the map for team spawns with 2x or 3x different ways for the teams to get from spawn into map.

VMax_RPR @vmax-rpr

Yes, that's a great idea. Hopefully, I will work on it in near future. However, I cannot promise anything as I don't have enough time to work on this.

Limeth @limeth

The objective letters on the minimap do not match the actual letters. I noticed many issues with textures & overlapping geometry. I feel like this map is lacking in theme, assets seem to be used completely randomly, and because of that, I find it very difficult to discern certain parts of the map from others (it all seems random in the same way), for example, the excavator on top of a pristine floor just seems off. Some of these overhead corridors have these windows, which are just small enough so that you cannot crouch-jump through them, it would be great if you made those a bit larger so that it was possible to crouch-jump through.
As far as gameplay goes, I played this on Domination with bots and it was just insanity, the map has lots of verticality and interesting geometry to take cover behind. The choice of making the objectives equidistant instead of "in a line" is great, because that means there is action on all the objectives, not just the middle one (because there is no middle objective in an equidistant layout). Not only is there action on all objectives, the action is very frequent, because the map is relatively small meaning that players do not have to spend 30-60 seconds running towards action.
Overall, I am conflicted about this map, because of the issues mentioned, but it is a whole lot of fun! Had the map had a more consistent theme with better use of texturing and assets, it would definitely be one of my favorites. Thumbs up from me!

VMax_RPR @vmax-rpr

Thanks a lot for the review :)
Oh snap, I forgot to change the letters on the minimap (Will do it in next patch after the voting process). I initially had thought of a theme that's similar to CSGO's Nuke map (Nuclear power plant, modern industrial). I was following that path up until the C site. But eventually, time was flying and I had to quickly wrap things up as I had only 16 days to do the entire environment design (It was still a lot of time, but I became exhausted at many times, no fresh ideas as for the lack of breaks and a lot of procrastination too. I'm not reasoning, but I certainly misjudged the amount of work and time to do that, even on a small map like this). I should have started on the environment much much earlier. I relied on geometries rather the models to save time and guess what, the props were all added in the last 24 of contest deadline, ughhh.. Like there some electric boxes, but where are the wires to connect them? :D But I am really glad to hear a player that he had fun playing it. Seems like the equidistant objectives + verticality in a compact map paid off. I'm extremely happy about that, as this was my primary goal.
Unfortunately, I would not be continuing to redesign the map wrt assets. I will fix texture tilings, a lot of mistakes, overlapping in some days, but that is it. I have other projects to work on, but with the experience on making my first map here, I am seriously looking forward to make another map in future with even better implementation.

Thank you for playing.

VMax_RPR @vmax-rpr

Known issue: Bots getting stuck in the centre building ( The bots are not interacting with the door that could be opened. You can open this door initially so that bots won't pile up in the corner. I could not patch this currently as it's currently under the contest voting process.

zephyr_c4 @zephyr-c4

we love 1.0 but can you please release 0.02 separate? as a clean fun map its still great ;)

VMax_RPR @vmax-rpr

Hi. Thank you :)
I don't want to have multiple mod pages for a single map. But if you still wanna play 0.02 you can do so by downloading that particular version by clicking on ''. Then you have to manually go inside the game's mod folder and replace the files that you have downloaded with the corresponding files you would already have (You should subscribe and get into the game to have those files). Let me know if you need help with this.

Dogman-AlphaDogs @dogmanbytes

Coop soon?

VMax_RPR @vmax-rpr

Hi. I don't know how co-op works. But doing quick research, I see that the co-op is generally on checkpoint mode. This small map with closer objectives would not play out well with checkpoint mode, so I have no plans to include other game modes as of right now.

lovehateyou12345 @lovehateyou12345

How do you play the game?!?!?!?!?!?!?

VMax_RPR @vmax-rpr

Are you asking how to load this in-game? If so, read the instructions in the description.