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Deadbeat 2 is heading back to the FOB, but things don't go as planned.








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danielsafemilk @danielsafemilk

Okay so update! Unfortunately, in one of the recent patches, something happened and all the AI basically stopped acting they way they would before, meaning the level became unplayable in parts. Rather than the AI attacking, they would wander around or get lost or run away from objectives etc.

I spent a long time trying to fix this, but I think that what it really requires is a rework of the level layout entirely, the layout I picked was risky because it goes against the way the AI performed best, even BEFORE the patches that made them act funky, so it was always possible that something could go wrong there!

I've been looking into the other issues I mentioned below and still intend to fix them when work isn't so crazy, but all the AI troubleshooting put me way behind so I won't be submitting this to the competition.

I fully intend to try and rework this and get it to be close to what I was intending, but that will have to come later.

I learned a lot about Unreal engine which was fun, but for now, I think I'll have to take a pause on this. That's the danger of releasing big patches before the end of a competition!

Looking forward to playing all the cool entries, thanks for stopping by!

danielsafemilk @danielsafemilk

Hey everyone who has been checking this out!

There are some known issues that I'm going to try and fix in another update:
1) Framerate when using scopes (probably due to my tessellation material not acting correctly when FOV changes happen)
2) Spawns are weird or frustrating, especially around E,F spawns
3)Ending of the game hasn't been finished so nothing really happens properly in the last couple of cap points

Thanks to anyone who's checking this out, I really appreciate it, and thanks to k2roo for all the feedback and encouraging messages!

Does anyone have any thoughts about the vehicle gameplay? Is it fun? Good? Bad? Frustrating? I'm afraid it might be too much work for the player, so any feedback on that would be great. As the map is quite large, the vehicles probably need to stay in some capacity, but if there are thoughts on how to make that aspect more enjoyable I'd love to hear them!

=[AD]=AlphaDogs @dogmanbytes

What s the Scenario ?

Swagger200 @swagger200

Open Shanidar?Scenario=Scenario_S?Lighting=Day