Insurgency: Sandstorm

Shoulder Camera for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by Snakeyio (mod ID: 762691)


Mutator: ShoulderCam

Changes the default third person camera to shoulder camera.

Currently working in local play or in online spectator camera as well. I will try to somehow force thirdperson camera with a keybind in online since NWI disabled it.

To access third person camera in local play or cheats enabled server:

1. Open console by pressing [ ` ] key next to [ 1 ] key.

2. Type: Camera Freecam

Issue: Does not work on servers (doesn't replicate right now)

Local Play:

1. Subscribe to the mod

2. Go to main menu

3. Press ` next to number 1 to open the console

4. Type Open Farmhouse?Scenario=Scenario_Farmhouse_Checkpoint_Security?Mutators=ShoulderCam

You can add more mutators after ?Mutators= such as Vampirism etc.




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coolkid1634496019 @coolkid1634496019

bots wont spawn

LazyAmerican @lazyamerican

Is there anyway to make this mod more zoomed in? More like Ghost Recon Wildlands with zoom occuring when aiming down sights?

Snakeyio @snakeyio

I have no idea.

JDDDub @jayforgiato

Still rocking with this mod! Check out whats going down with the third person camera right here!!

xCENTx @xcentx

This is a pretty interesting mod. I really dig it. Wish I could add it to my server. Have you tried implementing a crosshair somehow? Be looking forward to updates , possibly adding the ability to switch shoulders and even a centered cam if possible. Reminds me of SOCOM some what. Thanks for making this

Affinity420 @affinity420

This mod has so much potential i wish the tools to make it absolute were more available. still wisihing to Hopefully see a better version of it. thanks

DarkGhost7 @darkghost7

Camera doesn't change to over shoulder
screen changes to right behind of player
i'm not talking about hardcore bug it's just right behind of player
so can't really see front

boromir7 @boromir7

(1)What is command to return to normal 1st person view?

(2)Would it be possible to enter a Config in Console after "Camera FreeCam" is used that would toggle between 1st and 3rd person when ADS is used? The toggle would alternate between 1st and 3rd person when Right Mouse Button was pressed. Just an idea (I did something like this with solo CS GO using a zoom mutator a while ago and it worked in CSGO solo).

(3)Sorry for so many suggestions but a version that has your Character on RHS of screen would be cool too. I am Right Handed but I think my dominant eye is my Left Eye and I scan the screen with it and prefer that side of the monitor free.

Snakeyio @snakeyio

1. To return to normal view press ESC (pause game or enter any UI element).

2. I have no idea because I haven't had the time to try digging through everything in blueprints or game. It might be possible, but not sure when that will happen.

3. I can add multiple mutators for different options to choose from based on everyone's opinion.

boromir7 @boromir7

Cool thanks for answers.
Look forward to some new mutators you make.

LazyAmerican @lazyamerican

why does this mod only work in regular modes? Why is hardcore so different? Regardless this is some solid very well out of the box though there doesn't appear to be audio for weapon reloads.

Snakeyio @snakeyio

I'm not sure, the mutator is not restricted by any game mode, I will have to find out why this is happening.

CrazTheKing @craztheking

There is an issue with hardcore (if not also other mutators) currently. Noted by nwi. May be tied.

QuiteTheDrive @quitethedrive

I tried the mod and it feels great. Thing is, aiming especially with a laser is hard. I think a crosshair and a left/right shoulder camera switch will suit the mod better. There's potential in this...

Snakeyio @snakeyio

I will try to do something with aiming, see if i can make the camera go into first person

Affinity420 @affinity420

Exactly my thoughts. The animations are great it would fit perfectly in this game. i hope its really possible to do it .

ImStreaz @imstreaz

Hey I cant get it to use the shoulder view no matter what I try its centered behind my head

Snakeyio @snakeyio

u entered the mutator:Shouldercam? which game mode was it? is it hardcore checkpoint?

Affinity420 @affinity420

really good mod! u think its possible to add a crossair and option to switch shoulder with a bind? thx

Snakeyio @snakeyio

I'll try because it didn't work for me.