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Published by Bacon1636367439 (mod ID: 1560773)


Modifies player movement speed in various ways.

Possible mutators:

LazyMode : 80% player speed, default animations.
HardcoreLazyMode : 80% player speed, hardcore animations.
AmateurHardcore : Vanilla hardcore speed (60%), but with default animations.
AmateurHardcore2 : Same as above, but with slightly faster sprint and reduced sliding.

I have done some (very) rough speed testing, and it looks like this for a default rifleman:

Normal mode: Run 14 kmh / Walk 7,5 kmh / Sprint 19 kmh
LazyMode: Run 11 kmh / Walk 6 kmh / Sprint 18 kmh
Hardcore: Run 8 kmh / Walk 4,5 kmh / Sprint 13 kmh

Hardcore mode is a bit slow, and normal mode is probably closer to how fast a well trained soldier would be able to move. The threshold between walking and jogging is usually around 7 kmh though, which means that the normal walking speed is too fast. Running at 14 kmh for an extended period of time with full gear is absolutely possible, but very exhausting. Very few would be able to keep that speed all day long. The sprint speed is good, making you run 100 m in 19 seconds, which is a realistic speed with full kit. (If you're trained, and not old and lazy like me.)

Therefore, LazyMode is in my opinion the most realistic speed for the average, well trained soldier. And it slows down the game nicely for us old, lazy folks, without making us feel as old and slow as the hardcore mode does. The sliding is also greatly reduced, so that the kids don't wear out their shoes and trousers so fast.

Personally I prefer AmateurHardcore2 over the vanilla hardcore speed. Just marginally different, but the faster sprint speed makes it feel just a nuance faster overall. And I think the vanilla sliding is a bit excessive, so that also feels better.

Also: The HardcoreLazyMode is included just because it was easy to add, and I kind of regret including it. I would never, ever run while holding a rifle that way. The one handed high ready position can be useful in other situations, but not when running.












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ZERODEGREESC @zerodegreesc

Can you make additions to this mod making it SLOWER than hardcare?

Something like this?
Hardcore: Run 5 kmh / Walk 3 kmh / Sprint 9 kmh


Will Bot also be affected?

Bacon1636367439 @bacon1636367439

The mutators are simply modified "SlowMovement" mutators, so I think it also affects the bots, yes.