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Sultan Of Drugs for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by Klian - learn more (mod ID: 371483)


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I want to thank each of you for the fantastic comments regarding the mod and all the help you are giving me to improve this map. Each feedback is really precious!

About Insurgency Sandstorm Mapping Contest 2020

If the entry supports multiple game modes, please specify which mode(s) you wish to be judged on.

Security Checkpoint Map (day is canonical, night is slightly harder) is my main entry and i focused mainly on its gameplay thanks to the wholesome community.

Open SultanOfDrugs?Scenario=Scenario_SultanOfDrugs_Checkpoint_Security

Insurgents Checkpoint Map (night is canonical) is my secondary entry, this one hasn't been tested as much as the security.

Open SultanOfDrugs?Scenario=Scenario_SultanOfDrugs_Checkpoint_Insurgents

Changelog v1.3

  • Removed precomputed visibility due to some issues
  • Push spawns improvement
  • Push D has been moved
  • Replaced some buggy particles
  • Minor fixes

I'm sorry about the double upload (v1.2.1 and v1.3) but the precomputed issue isn't present in the editor simulation and it was a major issue...

Changelog v1.2 (modio seems to be bugged on changelogs today)

  • H has been reworked, now it should be hard but still enjoyable
  • Added scenario to test H only (Scenario_SultanOfDrugs_Checkpoint_Security_H)
  • More details and VFXs
  • More decals
  • Improved AI Covers in some areas
  • Some skeletals has been converted into Static Meshes (+ lightmaps + lods)
  • Fixed some broken lightmaps due to merging

Tip Map Point H (last one)

If you want to check the last point without doing all the map you can use this scenario:

Open SultanOfDrugs?Scenario=Scenario_SultanOfDrugs_Checkpoint_Security_H


Current state

- 16 different Scenarios (+2 Hardcore mode)
- Day / Night maps

scenarios 2


sod 01screen

To play Day add:


To play Night add:



Open SultanOfDrugs?Scenario=Scenario_SultanOfDrugs_Outpost

Security Checkpoint Map (Day) -> Main Scenario

Open SultanOfDrugs?Scenario=Scenario_SultanOfDrugs_Checkpoint_Security

Hardcore version:

Open SultanOfDrugs?Scenario=Scenario_SultanOfDrugs_Checkpoint_Security?Game="Checkpointhardcore"

Insurgents Checkpoint Map (Night)

Open SultanOfDrugs?Scenario=Scenario_SultanOfDrugs_Checkpoint_Insurgents

Hardcore version:

Open SultanOfDrugs?Scenario=Scenario_SultanOfDrugs_Checkpoint_Insurgents?Game="Checkpointhardcore"


Open SultanOfDrugs?Scenario=Scenario_SultanOfDrugs_Frontline


Open SultanOfDrugs?Scenario=Scenario_SultanOfDrugs_Firefight



Open SultanOfDrugs?Scenario=Scenario_SultanOfDrugs_Domination_L


Open SultanOfDrugs?Scenario=Scenario_SultanOfDrugs_Domination_M


Open SultanOfDrugs?Scenario=Scenario_SultanOfDrugs_Domination_S



Full map

Open SultanOfDrugs?Scenario=Scenario_SultanOfDrugs_TDM



Open SultanOfDrugs?Scenario=Scenario_SultanOfDrugs_TDM_M_Urban


Open SultanOfDrugs?Scenario=Scenario_SultanOfDrugs_TDM_M_CriminalHQ



Open SultanOfDrugs?Scenario=Scenario_SultanOfDrugs_TDM_S_Villa


Open SultanOfDrugs?Scenario=Scenario_SultanOfDrugs_TDM_S_Workshops


Open SultanOfDrugs?Scenario=Scenario_SultanOfDrugs_TDM_S_Stronghold


Open SultanOfDrugs?Scenario=Scenario_SultanOfDrugs_TDM_S_CityHub

Push (Security)

Open SultanOfDrugs?Scenario=Scenario_SultanOfDrugs_Push_Security

Checkpoint Security Scenario v1.1
Checkpoint Security Scenario v1.1

Phase 1

Security Checkpoint Day Map (Day)

[REDACTED], also known as the "Sultan of Drugs", is a former Army Special Agent who used his knowledge to build his illegal empire on the rubble left by during the war in this country. Some European secret services reported us one of his potential bases, located near the dam region. Our job, as Security Agents, is to intervene and neutralize this site of production and distribution of illegal goods.
The rebels occupied much of the surrounding structures of a former government security building. Some houses and a mosque were taken even before the construction was completed.
The battlefield is rugged and teeming with Insurgents, we must raid their camps and drive them out of the region before they can strengthen their defenses and make the job even harder.

Good luck.

A : Capture and Secure | Construction site
B : Capture and Secure | Unfinished Mosque
C : Destroy Enemy Supply Caches | Stronghold (NEW v1.1!)
D : Capture and Secure | Governative building
E : Destroy Enemy Supply Caches | Insurgents Villa - Basement
F : Capture and Secure | Insurgents Villa - HQ
G : Capture and Secure | Workshops
H : Capture and Secure | Fields (NEW v1.1!)

Phase 2

Insurgents Checkpoint Day Map (Night)

As-salamu alaykum brothers! They are trying to take away what is ours and we have to take it back. Tonight we will attack, we will hit them in the dark before they can even hear our footsteps. For our captain and for all of us.


A : Capture and Secure | Refining workshops
B : Capture and Secure | Insurgents Villa - Balcony
C : Capture and Secure | Governative building
D : Destroy Enemy Supply Caches | Insurgents Stronghold
E : Capture and Secure | Unfinished Mosque
F : Capture and Secure | Construction site

Phase 3

PVP Maps Update 1







Phase 4

PVP Maps Update 2

Push Security



Full map

l fullmap



m urban


m criminalhq



s villa


s workshops


s stronghold


s cityhub

Phase 5

Performance and Outpost Update

Outpost Security

Performance and quality improvement

Ambient sounds

To do list (public)

  • [Security Checkpoint Day Map] Add vehicle counter attack on B.
  • [General] Merging mesh after testing.
  • [General] Add ambient audio.
  • [General] Better minimap.
  • [General] Better precomputed lights building (currently: Medum High).
  • [General] New Scenarios including Frontline, Firefight, Deathmatch, Push and Domination.
  • [General but last] Enable precomputed visibility for better performance (to be tested). <- Go home precomputed visibility, you're drunk (removed)

This mod was created to enter the contest "Insurgency Sandstorm mapping contest 2020", i started working on it mid october. I'll release images about the progression of this time on moddb.

Additional models:

Gold Ingot

Insurgency Sandstom Mod Model: Gold Ingot
by klian with Blender (3DModel), Substance Painter (Material) and Gimp (Alpha mask for words)
on Sketchfab

"Illegal Drug" plants

Quixel Megascan model - Castor Oil Plant

Optimized with lods, billboard from far distance, 2k atlas and applied with foliage tool using multiple cull distances to reduce count if far away but keep some instances to fill the area.

"Illegal Drug" harvest

I modified the original texture "T_SpiceShop_01_BC" using chopped grass and bushes pictures, then used original 3D models with a new material instance. Kept the same texture resolution.

drugplants 2drugplants 1



















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dantaylor129 @dantaylor129

Bummed that this one didn't make top 5. I thought for sure it would've. After playing them all on Checkpoint this and Prison were my favorites. Keep up the good work Klian!

Klian @klian

Hey thank you so much. I read this comment a week ago but I didn't respond just because I was still ****** by how devs of this game acted during the entire contest and I needed to settle it down a little bit. No help from them at all, even when some sort of bug emerged, as you can see from the file list,, and are marked as "BugReport", that's because I had to report that bug directly to since no dev listened to me. 1 week thrown away because of that. They changed rules during the contest, favoring some and trying to throw out others.
The only reason this map is still here is the lovely PVE community, you helped us modders a lot, and I wish you the best guys, but I really think this game is going to sink since there is no care from devs at all.
This has been the worst contest I've ever seen, and I lost many of them so it's not about the results lol

kdjac @kdjac

Map is too cluttered, way too many things to move around, at B in checkpoint you get stuck on the left hand side of the cabin. Oher than that very good map.

Klian @klian

Thanks bro

Lorda97 @lorda97

Great map! From the very first time I played I saw the amount of time you've spent all over the map. The details are just the finest. This map should be on the official maplist.

Klian @klian

Thanks man! I really appreciate your support :D means a lot to me all the great comments you guys left down there!

krakenet @krakenet

hello your card uses official card building however prohibited by the rules of the contest and you are still eligible? it is not fair to other participants who have not taken any building it is very unfair

JvP1603379209 @jvp1603379209

Krakenet you should apply for a job as custom map silly reply poster. We need more of them.

Klian @klian

You should read before posting wrong informations.

Q: Am I allowed to use modular assets included in the modding tools?
A: You are allowed to use modular assets found within the editor, however, we encourage entrants to construct their own maps from these assets, instead of copying and pasting entire segments of the included maps in the modding tools.

I used some (and declared on moddb) buildings from the "PowerPlant" map BECAUSE my map is imaginarely located near the dam and I wanted to blend that idea. Anyway buildings have been modified to serve a different type of battlefield. Devs does know their maps so if they want to penalize me for that, they'll do so. But you man, you've been really rude with this comment, even using false statement just to throw sh*t on my work. Great job dude.

[REDi]1RCAPTDerryl @redi1rcaptderryl

Awesome detail and will be in the top 3. Love it!

Klian @klian

Thank you maaaaan! I hope so but this contest produced so many high quality maps I'm not that sure eheh. Anyway, I'm already really happy so many players enjoyed my map and all these feedbacks are so great and kind!

hobbicon @hobbicon

+ runs very well for all the stuff you have added
+ single assets (like the villa) are extremely well done
+ neat ideas like the water sprinkler above a cache

- overall map layout is messy, not convincing and artificial, no clear art direction
- sometimes you added too many objects that hinder the map flow

Your map is like one of these minecraft servers where people build small castles next to each other with no general interconnection. Im my opinion you should really rework the environment to harmonically interact with your cap zones, even cut out entire caps. After that I definitely see potential.

Klian @klian

To be fair, it was my intent to divide the map with really well characterized structures, focusing on them as single pieces divided by open fields and risky areas. I'm absolutely happy you notice that but I'm sorry you didn't like it, I'll be honest saying that it was the kind of feeling I was looking for because it fits the narrative to me. I tried to well differenciate each objective of this map focusing on the checkpoint gamemode. Also, I though that well diffecenciated zones would be nice for different PVP gamemodes but unfortunately I had best chances to play coop so I still have to improve them a lot!

>sometimes you added too many objects that hinder the map flow
Can you tell me which zones are you referring to, I'll be happy to consider a rework of those areas. Probably the mosque and the dining zone, right?

Thank you so much for testing each map and sharing useful advices, again I'm sorry you didn't like it man!

Meister.Yoon @meisteryoon

Crazy amount of work done here. Happy you added Frontline!

Klian @klian

Thank you so much! Yeah I tried to implement all the gamemodes (except for skirmish which I don't really get eheh) but I have to admit all the pvp gamemodes are still to be improved since during this development period I mainly joined the coop community and got most of the feedbacks for checkpoint gms sooooo let me know if you have any feedback regarding Frontline, I'll be happy to keep working on improving the pvp gameplay once the judging period is over :D

Limeth @limeth

The billboards of dust on B on Push Security look weird, when you get close to them. I wonder if it would be possible to make them fade away the closer you get. Objective F (cityhub) on Checkpoint Insurgents has really tight corridors that are hard to move around when bots just stand there, it gets a bit annoying. Anyway, the map looks gorgeous at daytime and even more-so at nighttime. The map is consistent in theme. Lots of really creative geometry and design. Great job!

Klian @klian

Thank you so much!
Yeah, you are totally right about the billboards, as you can see from the screenshot it was a little bit different before but I had a problem with that particle effect disapearing during the game so I managed to replace them with the current version. I don't like it either, I'll certanely bring it back to the original concept after the judgeing is over and we can modify our entries!
Amazing feedbacks! Unfortunately we tested our checkpoint maps mainly on Security side online, so Insurgents could feel a little bit neglected, for this reason your feedback is so useful, thank you!
Also, I noticed you're testing each single map giving great advices and that's so cool, really thanks for all the time you're spending on this! To me, this means a lot but I think it's the same for many modders.

Limeth @limeth

My pleasure, it only seems right given how much time people have spent learning these map making tools and creating the maps! I have always wanted to play some high quality community made maps and you people are making it a reality!

Venom1584534170 @venom1584534170

Hey friend. this map is really great, but...
The last point is too difficult.
Put me in an explosive box near the cornfield like before.

Klian @klian

Man you're right. Tried the map yesterday on the 0lympus server and we've been annihilated lmao. Next update i'll fix the difficulty eheh