Insurgency: Sandstorm

Sumari Bala for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by CrazTheKing (mod ID: 1231139)


Port of Sumari Bala from Squad

Sumari Bala is one of the maps available in the game Squad. The map is set in a large, clustered village in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan cut by a river and surrounded by farmland. The map is mostly close quarters engagement with firefights across city streets, back alleys, and the open fields to the north and south. Larger vehicles tend not to last long in the claustrophobic town, but this is also where the Technical excels, darting down streets and through fields to hit and then flee, with ample buildings to provide cover for a getaway.

Map created by Offworld Industries.

Custom TeamDeathmatch Setup:
Along with the unlimited Fragger class (original), While on this map you will also be able to select Commander (1) and Observer (3) along with Blow some shit up with the Demolition (3) Class!

Custom Checkpoint Setup:
The checkpoint setup for this map doubles the amount of slots per class allowing teams to divide into two smaller Squads. With the large map size, you will seek 9 objectives, containing 3 unique cache objectives. Teamwork, and making use of vehicles is highly suggested!

Some foliage and Cloth texture/materials have been changed due porting issues.
Mercedes missing from Mechanic Garage outside Women's Mosque.
Some slight Changes. doors opened, ect for better pathing. (AI)

Domination and Push Gamemodes?

Checkpoint Insurgents
Fix any bugs/Missing Shaders
(please report, photos help)




Scenario_Bala_Checkpoint_Security_Hard (Hardcore)


(Default, Unnecessary)

Example for Singleplayer Checkpoint Security with AI Teamates:
Open any level in Local Play, apon loading, hit Tilde ( ` ) to open console (Left of 1 Key, If this doesn't exist on your keyboard [non-US Standard], check key binds for "Console")

"Open Sumari?Scenario=Scenario_Bala_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Day?Bbots=1"
No quotations. For Hardcore Gamemode add "?Mutators=Hardcore"


filedata.3.zip1.53gbV2 (plzwork)


filedata.zip1.33gbCheckpoint Security

filedata.1.zip1.86gbPretty Bad First Upload


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[BG]Nomy61 @bgnomy61

will there b an update for this map to run on the lastest 1.11 update

Mike26M4BHm8mDeGkG @mike26m4bhm8mdegkg

Ai dont work properly after the last game patch, Ai are just standing still or barely coming to counter the the map tho.

KingsComing @kingscoming

Thanks Mike, Been sick recently so haven't had a chance to get you guys an update. Along was hoping to release the Insurgent variant however tons of testing needs to be done before finalizing. I'll go ahead and rebuild navigation, lighting (along with fix the lighting replication {server} Bug) and release an update for the current state tonight, or tomorrow!

KingsComing @kingscoming

Sorry all, running slow due holidays, will have it ready Friday!

insgExecutioner @insgexecutioner

Love the map, we added it to our servers tonight and it works really well.

bwalsh199 @bwalsh199

Since the last update, this map workers on my shitshow server. We did have one issue with a massive bot "falling" suicide upon round start, and there may have been one OBJ in the middle (D?) that we didn't receive much of a counterattack

Overall love the map especially with our high bot count

Ninj1stic @ninj1stic

What was cause the picture of the map not to show up right in the voting screen. Name shows up and it can be selected but doesn't show map photo like the others. However still works. Thanks, great map!

od-servers @od-servers

this is broken at the moment bots do not spawn at last point and sometimes point is not visible on the map

it impossible to finish

CrazTheKing @craztheking

After numerous testing playthroughs in editor, along with a playthrough in the test server after release (with completion), Haven't ran into this issue.. Do you mind pming me a server log, logged after getting to the obj, along with any mutators you use?

*Anyone other server admins having this issue?

LastPrecursor @lastprecursor

Hey guys, I'm trying to get this map running in one of our servers and I've managed to get it in as the default starting map but I can't get it to come up during the map voting screen. I've added this
to MapCycle.txt and this "Sumari?Scenario=Scenario_Bala_Checkpoint_Security" to ModScenarios.txt. I'm new to this and I can't see what I'm missing.

CrazTheKing @craztheking

Hey Precursor, Seems correct, I'm going to assume you're working on a windows server, others may be different? On the test server I use;


I don't believe the mode= part is the cause, as its auto set by the scenario, however worth a try.

LastPrecursor @lastprecursor

Thanks for the response Craz. I believe the issue was that we were playing the map and looking for it to come up in the voting right after.

AiBOT @bot-server-admin

is a great map. but, When will "Checkpoint Insurgents" be released??

CrazTheKing @craztheking

Shouldn't be long before Insurgents is added, Last update was working on fixing up the current security checkpoint, however to depict a timeframe, I plan to integrate further custom blueprints; Vehicles, Objective types and such.. am working on other projects I'm pretty excited to release, and Riders Republic just released and I'm slightly addicted lol.

CrazTheKing @craztheking

Server crash fixed, Good luck out there!

CrazTheKing @craztheking

Version may be messed up temporarily while server issues are being checked. Will notify once complete.

CrazTheKing @craztheking

After updating everything -_- steamcmd to in game lol, I finally got a log. Seems to be further issues with the Lighting BP port causing a full server crash, Reverted and should be able to post an update shortly!

[0]Whiskey @0whiskey

Awesome. Thanks for such a fun map, and for your work.

CrazTheKing @craztheking

Thanks for the kind words Whiskey.

B.O.TDriver @botdriver

Command to travel:
travel Sumari?Scenario=Scenario_Bala_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Day?game=checkpointhardcore

But crashing the server. :(

KingsComing @kingscoming

Meant to revert last night. Crashing due missing bp for lighting. I reverted to last update for now, will be working for a fix tonight.