Insurgency: Sandstorm

Sumari Bala for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by CrazTheKing (mod ID: 1231139)


Port of Sumari Bala from Squad

Sumari Bala is one of the maps available in the game Squad. The map is set in a large, clustered village in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan cut by a river and surrounded by farmland. The map is mostly close quarters engagement with firefights across city streets, back alleys, and the open fields to the north and south. Larger vehicles tend not to last long in the claustrophobic town, but this is also where the Technical excels, darting down streets and through fields to hit and then flee, with ample buildings to provide cover for a getaway.

Map created by Offworld Industries.

Custom TeamDeathmatch Setup:
Along with the unlimited Fragger class (original), While on this map you will also be able to select Commander (1) and Observer (3) along with Blow some shit up with the Demolition (3) Class!

Custom Checkpoint Setup:
The checkpoint setup for this map doubles the amount of slots per class allowing teams to divide into two smaller Squads. With the large map size, you will seek 9 objectives, containing 3 unique cache objectives. Teamwork, and making use of vehicles is highly suggested!

Some foliage and Cloth texture/materials have been changed due porting issues.
Mercedes missing from Mechanic Garage outside Women's Mosque.
Some slight Changes. doors opened, ect for better pathing. (AI)

Domination and Push Gamemodes?

Checkpoint Insurgents
Fix any bugs/Missing Shaders
(please report, photos help)




Scenario_Bala_Checkpoint_Security_Hard (Hardcore)


(Default, Unnecessary)

Example for Singleplayer Checkpoint Security with AI Teamates:
Open any level in Local Play, apon loading, hit Tilde ( ` ) to open console (Left of 1 Key, If this doesn't exist on your keyboard [non-US Standard], check key binds for "Console")

"Open Sumari?Scenario=Scenario_Bala_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Day?Bbots=1"
No quotations. For Hardcore Gamemode add "?Mutators=Hardcore"



filedata.3.zip1.53gbV2 (plzwork)


filedata.zip1.33gbCheckpoint Security

filedata.1.zip1.86gbPretty Bad First Upload


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Strelok26m6xqHU0Xt2p @strelok26m6xqhu0xt2p

"error loading game resources"

Cant make it work on my server. Tried everything. Unsub, delete on modio folder on my server and keeps give this error message =/

TacticalGaming @tacticalgaming

Awesome!! Trying this out on servers now!

4scoresn7yrsago @4scoresn7yrsago

Good map. Only complaint is point H. No enemy spawns.

CrazTheKing @craztheking

Wish I could update, lost my files and would require a full rebuild. I plan however to do another squad map port soon.

Mike26M4BHm8mDeGkG @mike26m4bhm8mdegkg

People looking for a server running this map with ISMC you`re welcome to try mine.


Server Name: Vace Tactical - Milsim Precision (
Server IP:

Person_of_D @person-of-d

If you have to defend the point H, the Bots don't rush/capture the point...
At the beginning of the defense sometimes a few Bots come but then no more

КиануРивз @na2614ObeiGKJ5SI

Cant load map. When I type command in console it goes to load and then black screen.

CrazTheKing @craztheking

Make sure you load a base map first. Then type this full string in console (the only space is after open, alternatively you can use "travel" rather than open:

Open Sumari?Scenario=Scenario_Bala_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Day

Thôt1615395261 @tht1615395261

error loading game resources!
map manager saving settings:
card name: Sumari
persistent name: Sumari
Checkpoint: Bala_Checkpoint_Security
Checkpoint HC: Bala_Checkpoint_Security_Hard
Team Deathmatch: Bala_TeamDeathmatch
lighting: "Night" and "Day" for each of these scenarios "Morning" is only in the MapCycle.txt.
and yet it crashes.
is that from me or from the mod?

KingsComing @kingscoming

Sound like "Scenario_" is missing from the map cycle string for each scenario. Eg. Scenario_Bala_Checkpoint_Security

[BG]Nomy61 @none28

does this have a night mode

KingsComing @kingscoming

This map has Morning, Day, and Night. Check the description and photos.

Walsh199 @walsh1

Can you possibly spread the spawns for B further away from the point? They basically spawn right on top of it making it pretty busted

Also G they all come from 1 corner and H there is BARELY a counterattack

Love the work

ʂʂ|Savage @savage17

Second this, also on B, we had a team of about 4-5 going against about 40-50 bots, and at least 1 person always crashes here when they start spawning in on defend.

KingsComing @kingscoming

Hey Bwalsh,Thank you, this should be all fixed in the next update. I know.. I'm big slacking! A couple new maps on the way alongside.

Person_of_D @person-of-d

really great map, thanks for the effort!
we had a lot of fun with the map and noticed a couple of things:
The enemies who are supposed to camp at the second checkpoint are not spread out well enough because they have no ambush spots.
The checkpoints that have to be defended have too few enemy spawn points, so that enemies only come from one or a few sides and are easy to intercept.

I think it's really great that there is so little ammunition and I think the enemy vehicles are just as great! There can be more of the vehicles :)

We have played your map very intensively in the last few days and with the last optimized hardcore configuration we actually needed 83 minutes and had a lot of fun playing, so thank you very much for this map and your work!! :)

KingsComing @kingscoming

Awesome to hear, B is an ambush area. (Not saying the bots aren't messed up lol) but it is an area where bots don't have many ways to get in, basically trapping your team in, a little bit to the lore in my head for the map, along with I believe G? Could be wrong on letter, but is another ambush area, however they luckily have more access and options. Knowing many servers use insane bot counts I'll add in more AI Cover Actors at each capture/cache along with try fixing flow for the next update.

Person_of_D @person-of-d

The enemies hardly attack checkpoint "H" when defending. Maybe they stuck because our enemy count is too high?

KingsComing @kingscoming

I'm sure it's the spawn, will definitely look into it.

TheKnitby @theknitby

Hi Craz, I was able to set up a 16v30 checkpoint game with friendly bots, and at some points of the map, the bots will simply scatter around the map instead of going to the next point, but once that point is captured and the next one is active, they would come back and try to take the point with me.

CrazTheKing @craztheking

Hey Knitby, This is for friendly bots correct? I have been trying to figure out their reasoning for scatter for a while, with no luck. Will continue to attempt a fix.

TheKnitby @theknitby

Yes I can see the friendly bots scatter, but for the same points most enemy bots won't go for the counter-attack or even defend it.

KingsComing @kingscoming

Will take a look into the issue and hopefully figure it out for next update. Thanks for the report Knitby.