Insurgency: Sandstorm

Tactical Camel Arsenal [Deluxe Edition] for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by Snakeyio (mod ID: 165152)


------------------------>Mutator Name: TacCam

Tactical Camel Arsenal

This mod has been replaced by Mad Ammunition:


Update 0.87 is here! brings some playable frenzy enemies and ultra carry space!

More than 30 slots for explosives! 2 primaries, 2 secondaries from 2 classes! Arsenal and Cache for each faction.

Current update classes:

- Leader: Can lead the entire team including their weapon cache on their back alone!

- Camel Whisperer: can summon a camel and carry an arsenal alone!

- Dad Bruiser: The father of all the naughty kids!

- Cousin Bruiser: The cousin of baby bruiser that looks like a dirty biker and run twice as fast.

- Baby Bruiser: The little cutie baby of mom bruiser.

- More classes incoming, including PUBG! and some dank memes.

You will be able to use machete melee weapon and infinite molotovs only if you choose one of the frenzied classes.

New Vehicle:

-GAZ Tiger (Humvee rename)

-Faster Acceleration, easier turret access from the back!

To spawn it, its like tactical armory mod, you use ur binoculars to spawn the camel or GAZ Tiger as the camel whisperer (Security) or leader (insurgent)

Reduced minigun support calls to 2 per round.

Reduced vehicle spawns to 25 per round :) it got abused!

Do not use with any mod that modifies fire support.

Works now on servers!

Added a new class: Camel whisperer. You can sprint faster than anyone else. You are the commander and observer at the same time.

Camel Top Speed = 40Mph...

Acceleration 0-40mph = 7 seconds

Camel Features:

- Has flame farts (Not working)

- Screams like a human when his legs are tired (Working)

- Cries a lot like flamer when hit by lead (Only when dead)

- Can drive sideways on walls (Working but dangerous)

- Can backflip (Working)

- Can kill from far distance with more than 1000hp in damage (Reduced distance and damage to 500)

- Can enter doors and interiors (Working)

- Will scream everytime you hit the horn (Working)

- Has laser eyes that blind enemies at night and possibly in the morning (Working)

- Can drift and perform sharp turns (Partially working)

- Has a torture chair and a mounted machine gun (Not working)

- Protects players from bullets by keeping them underground xD (Working)

- Can survive multiple suicide bomber blasts (Reduced max health from 5000 to 800 and damage from explosion to 0)

- Supports up to 4 seats (Working)

- Can be called in 50 times per round. (Reduced to 25)

- Will not explode but pop smoke everywhere (Working)

Test World

Fire Support Taccam helped by RareK, vehicle replacements by me. Everything in this mod belongs to their owners and epic games.












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[NLD]Dutchxarms @nlddutchxarms

Lol are u on fking drugs?

JoMiMi1594482639 @jomimi1594482639

Why not an M-ATV? Can survive 2 RPG shots

Snakeyio @snakeyio

maybe in the future, for now anything that's outside the game files is showing no shaders in-game. Also, problems running on the server. Waiting for them to fix it. Otherwise, its best to use the previous version of the editor.

germanc4 @germanc4

thank you for this

YemingKun @yemingkun

Hey, look at that! I found my MG! Great work Snakeyio!

Here are some feedbacks:
1, It is difficult to mount the MG both for the Humvee and the Camel. For the Humvee, I have to climb up the hood; for the Camel, I have to park it next to sth. tall enough to jump onto its back and then mount...
2, When the Camel got stuck in a corner, sometimes it shows weird dynamics, like move forward slower than backward. After a few turns, it would get back to normal though.
3, The Humvee moves way slower than I thought... It is indeed a truck. Nice truck.

Snakeyio @snakeyio

Thanks for your feedback! The next update will make the camel's turret easier to use by putting it on the back.

I have completely reworked the movement for the truck. Now, it has more torque, 8 gears, and higher upgear ratio to keep it stronger uphill!

More classes and backpacks!

DFS_Compad @dfs-compad

Screenshot After burner =>
Its hard to ride the Camel

YemingKun @yemingkun

Camel can go anywhere, so it gets stuck anywhere XD

YemingKun @yemingkun

OK, this time I do have a decent CAMEL ride~~~~~~Thumbs up to the instant spawn!

But where is my MG?

Snakeyio @snakeyio

Ah, yes next update will fix the MG. it was base weapon corruption. Next update!

SpartanViperz @spartanviperz


Snakeyio @snakeyio

Hey all, the mod is now working!

Snakeyio @snakeyio

Hey guys, I found the issue. It is not related to packaging. You can try playing the camel in Local Play, It will work. Servers use projectiles which have a delay after it, camel should spawn. At this point I didn't set it up.

For now, Local Play Only. Will update soon!

d4d330 @d4d330


YemingKun @yemingkun

I tried but it seems not working... I can see the TacCam in fire support selection and "Ordering Tactical Camel" on chat but nothing happens even after the marker smoke is gone...

Snakeyio @snakeyio

Fixed it!

Snakeyio @snakeyio

Ah, something is wrong with packaging, I will try to fix it.

DFS_Compad @dfs-compad

delete the 2 points after ur mod folder in this file

Snakeyio @snakeyio

This is my mod
can u fix it?

NVM, it is not the issue. Blueprint to server issue.

WintorOperator @wintoroperator

Simply amazing.