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Tactical Armory [1.8 ALPHA] for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by 2001zhaozhao (mod ID: 135937)



The 1.8 update remake needs some more time in the oven but I have decided to release an alpha version now.


  • No new weapons currently
  • Skins don't work yet, I've spent an entire day trying to get them to work outside the editor, but no good results, all my dynamic materials are just appearing as UE4 default texture right now.
  • There are no siderails (combo laser, dim light) yet
  • There are no NV sights and thermal sights yet
  • Insurgent classes are not supported, you will just get the default classes
  • ^^^ if a feature isn't mentioned above it's probably working

New Features:

  • Tactical Armory now overrides the player character class, this makes players move 20% slower which is right between normal and Hardcore, increased vaulting and door kick speed to make them worthwhile, make fall damage/effects more realistic, slightly increased sway to make stamina more punishing, among other changes.
    • There's supposed to be an option to turn these player changes off (mutator path /TacticalArmory/Mod/BP_TacticalArmory, variable name bUseCustomPlayer) but i've yet to test it
  • As part of the character changes, you will now take 150% damage to the upper body, this applies to both players and bots
    • There's no longer any AP ammo in the mod since regular ammo is now quite lethal with this change
  • SMGs and Shotguns on every class, so you can pair a normal primary with a SMG. Breacher class has been removed because of this bringing the game back to 8 classes
  • Armor has been buffed, and you get a more realistic selection of armor plates now
  • A lot of weapons now have ammo conversions to make up for the fact that there aren't custom weapons
  • New 1.8 features were added including the new grips
  • Removed custom skins since I want TacticalArmory to be a lightweight mod, if you want cool skins specifically tailored for each weapon, you should play ISMC

[The below description is outdated and pending changes]

Tactical Armory adds a complete reimagined class system and a huge variety of new content to Insurgency Sandstorm, including optics, attachments, gear, and fire support. It is lightly inspired by the Armory Mod from insurgency 2 by [insG] DeltaMike.

To install the mod on your server, add the mod ID to your Mods file (or startup command line), and add the mutator TacticalArmory. I recommend playing this mod with 25-30 supply points

List of new attachments:


- Holo/Kobra Night: a dimmer sight perfect for NVGs
- Holo/RedDot/MARs/PKAS Green: a green reticle for your sight, and is smaller in size for Holo and PKAS
- Variable Zoom 5x scope: it's a 5x scope normally, but when you hold breath, it zooms in a lot more
- C79/Variable Zoom 5x NV Green: night vision scope with a green filter. The NV scope attachment isn't visible since they aren't in the mod tools
- 1x/2x/4x FLIR: thermal night vision scope that can highlight enemies. You need Effects set to High or Very High for it to work (if you set effects to low it will just create flashlights effect near the enemy head). Only available during the night

Currently FLIR and NV scopes seem to be bugged as the overlay doesn't properly function in game due to the 1.7.1 update


- Precision Laser: a green laser that is smaller than the normal red laser, which makes it a good pair with high magnification sights
- Combo Laser: a laser/light combo where you can switch between laser and flashlight. The laser is green in color and also has an IR trail in night vision.
- Dim Flashlight: this flashlight is much dimmer and has slightly wider angle than the normal one, but less range. Useful if you want a flashlight but don't want a floodlight
- Flashlights at day time


- Tactical Sling: increases the swap speed of your primary weapon
- Aftermarket Stock: small increase to all handling stats but slightly decreases the swap speed
- Cheek pad: decreases sway, only available on battle rifles and sniper rifles
- Fast Reload: improves reload speed, currently doesn't work all that well but hopefully it'll be fixed later


- Long barrel: the long barrel from the beta is back, but now it costs 4 points and has some downsides like worse hipfire. It slightly reduces vertical recoil and increases bullet velocity
- Colossus Suppressor: only on bolt rifles, this acts like Suppressor + Long Barrel to give the bolt action snipers something unique. Name borrowed from CODMW
- Fast Hand: swap grenades faster
- Heavy Bolt: increases bullet velocity, available on bolt snipers and welrod. The only downside is that you can't use greased bolt
- LMG Foregrip: decreases recoil substantially, but you don't have a bipod anymore


- Recoil Buffer: delays recoil in the first few shots of your burst. The recoil will be reapplied after you stop shooting.
- Hipfire Recenter: slowly recenters your hip fire free-aim over time. It is not a crutch as it's not fast enough to react to recoil, but it does help you line up your first shot.
- Laser Point Shooting: like NVG point shooting but activates when laser is on. This works even during daytime so you can use big scopes and still accommodate for CQB


There are some skins included in the mod that are applicable to almost every gun in the game. They aren't perfect on every gun (M4A1/M16A4/VHS and LMGs do not work very well), but when it works it looks comparable to NWI DLC skins while also using less file size because I use an overlay/coloring algorithm to apply the skins. Some of the skins are realistic camo patterns while others were added just to taunt the NWI DLCs

There are also custom skins that are specifically made for a weapon, which should look even better.

If you made a custom skin for a weapon, please contact me if you want it added to the mod (with proper credit)!


- Tactical Carrier: like heavy carrier but even heavier. 9 mags, 4 grenade slots, 3 rockets
- all carriers: lighter in weight than their vanilla counterparts, since other parts of the mod really make you heavy

- Bomb Suit: blocks 70% of the damage from explosives. You can still die from a single RPG but will survive a frag with 10HP

Special Equipment:
- Secondary Ammo: gives you 3% weight worth of secondary ammo, costs 0 supply
- Primary Ammo: gives you 6% weight worth of primary ammo
- Battle Royale Rig: gives you an extra primary slot
- John Wick Holster: gives you an extra pistol slot and a lot of ammo for your pistol
- Grenadier: (only for Rifleman and Demolitions class) gives you x5 extra grenade launcher ammo like how much soldiers carry in real life
- Rocketeer: (only for Demolitions class) gives you x3 extra rockets
- One Man Army: (only for Recon class) allows you to have both binoculars and radio

New Weapons

- Glock 18: full auto pistol with wild recoil. Lower velocity/damage than the regular PF940
- M93R: burst fire pistol with minimal penalty compared to regular pistols, but has a burst delay
- M16A1: full auto M16A2 with a 20 round mag for more vietnam flashbacks
- Colt SMG 635: M4A1 in 9mm, has pretty good hipfire accuracy, and demolition class can use it with grenade launcher
- Honey Badger Supersonic: has more recoil and more damage/velocity than regular honey badger

Fire Support

Added new fire support that allows you to call in vehicles in Checkpoint!

Security: can call in two Supply Trucks and one Technical

Insurgents: can call in two hybrid Combat Vehicles which have both a supply crate and a HMG
(there can only be 7 different fire supports in each faction else it won't fit in the menu, so i only had space for 1 more in Insurgent team)

Class System

Commander/Observer/Rifleman: can now use all assault rifles, battle rifles and the singular SBR (AKS74u/Mk18CQBR). Can use AP ammo on Assault Rifles. Advisor has been removed and all weapons are now added to Rifleman

Demolitions: can now use Fast Hand, which increases grenade swap speed

Breacher: can now use a training which decreases hipfire free aim radius. Also suppressors are cheaper

Gunner: suppressors are more expensive

(New) Heavy: moves slower but has 165 HP which means that you will most often take 1 more shot to die. Can use shotguns, heavy rifles and machine guns. Whether you think the higher HP is worth the trade off is up to you. This is inspired by the 60 op bots server in insurgency2

Marksman: Can use AP ammo which also increases the damage of the DMRs.

(New) Recon: provides support to the team from a distance. Can only use mediocre long range weapons including bolt actions and anti-material rifles, as well as M240B/SVD without extended mags. In return, you act as Observer and you can get a binocular for 12 points to call in fire support by yourself, so you can be a valuable help to the team, though you won't get very far if you try to rambo. Can use the variable zoom scope.

Enemy weapons: all classes except Commander/Observer/Rifleman have access to enemy weapons, but they are more expensive than normal

Other Improvements

- You can fire while jumping
- Halved the delay between calling in multiple fire supports by the same commander


- Can I use it on Versus?
The mod does work on Versus, but it is designed based on coop so it might be very unbalanced in Versus.

- Can I use it with other mods?

Tactical Armory is compatible with mods that don't have any faction-specific changes. Some popular examples include More Ammo, Improved AI, No Restricted Areas, and the Frenzy mutator
This mod now creates custom factions and is therefore incompatible with other mods that change fire support and/or player squads. Some of my other mods that AREN'T compatible right now: Tactical Theaters, Fire Support Mutators

I have made a compatibility bridge that allows you to use Tactical Armory together with Tactical Bots

- Why is there a floating magazine after I resupply?
This is a NWI glitch that happens with all weapon skins, even the official ones:
To prevent this from happening, don't use a weapon skin

- Why do I get disconnected when selecting the new equipment?
The server you are playing on might be outdated. Find a different server or restart the server if you are the admin

Additional Mutators. Use them ALONGSIDE TacticalArmory

TA_NoClassLimits: Removes class limits except for Commander/Observer/Recon so there's no fire support spam

TA_NoVehicleSupport: Removes the vehicle fire support in case you find them to be not cool for some reason




































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metaltree_666 @metaltree-666

does this still work? all the classes are blank and i can't select anything

Haruko2 @haruko2

is this compatible with ISMC ?

Klonesoldaten @klonesoldaten

no, ISMC is somewhat a continuation of this. Getting a lighter build of ISMC set up is planned for the future.

[3lNP]ElNecrofilico @3lnpelnecrofilico

When is the update coming

iCeMan26BRfZStUPMEDr @iceman26brfzstupmedr

Does anyone know how to use none default maps with Tactical Armory? Every time I load a none default map like Somodag, it fails.

[TFR]GhostZero @kcballistic650

2001zhaozhao Awesome mod! The [KC] community really enjoys it, however, with 1.9 update the insurgents side is not working, as there is no loadouts to choose from. Security forces is working fine. Would love to see an update roll out for this mod if possible!

Rover-Redback_Gaming @rover-redback-admin

Since 1.9 mod works, well sort of... but stops bots working, in fact zero bots.

[NF]Tazzy @nftazzy

It works however. If you select an Insurgents side map then you get no loadouts. Works fine for security side tho

KCBallistic650 do you have this issue with insurgent side? if not sure maybe load an insurgent side and you will see what i mean. If yours is working/not working please report back

Dizzariffic @dizzariffic

Insurgent side doesn't work for me.

[TFR]GhostZero @kcballistic650

NFTazzy We run only security forces on our server, so I was unable to see what you were talking about. I did load an insurgent side map onto our server and you are correct. Insurgent side has no loadouts. Hopefully this can be updated and fixed soon.

[TFR]GhostZero @kcballistic650

If you are talking about enemy bots, I am running it on my coop server and there is no issue with our enemy bot count. I have friendlybotquota to 0 so I'm not sure if it's effecting friendly bots. Maybe check if it is another mod/mutator you are running on your server.

WarNimals @warnimals

Hi zhao

Will you be releasing the beta or full version soon? Or are you waiting for operation cold blood?

B4NDO @b4ndo

hi zhao
im not sure how to switch off the slower movement etc as you detailed above, did you ever get to find out or test it?

Tactical Armory now overrides the player character class, this makes players move 20% slower which is right between normal and Hardcore, increased vaulting and door kick speed to make them worthwhile, make fall damage/effects more realistic, slightly increased sway to make stamina more punishing, among other changes.
There's supposed to be an option to turn these player changes off (mutator path /TacticalArmory/Mod/BP_TacticalArmory, variable name bUseCustomPlayer) but i've yet to test it

[3lNP]ElNecrofilico @3lnpelnecrofilico

new update broke the weapons, no glock 18

lordsiggi @lordsiggi

Would love to hear an update about what new changes you're looking to implement, as well as any potential challenges you may face. Cheers! (switching back to this after ISMC mod now trying to turn Sandstorm into COD)

oohhboy @oohhboy

I jumped to TA really quickly as ISMC was throwing everything and the kitchen sink making an ungodly mess that was only going to get worse as the underlying premise is just bonkers. Example I really, really, reeeaallly don't care about "Black Hawk Down".

TA is gameplay focused which is what is really important. It didn't take me an hour to convince me to keep it on my server. Conversely, it didn't take an hour to nope out of ISMC. I hope 2001zhaozhao can work through the mess that is the editor.

Running Mad Ammunition for now as it is LOL bonkers fun, again, totally gameplay focused.

Anders92 @anders92

calm down, dude, no need to spread you toxic attitude on the internet ;)

Ringeltier @ringeltier

When do you think that tacticalarmory works again with tacticalbots?

Lipe123 @na2207282

Hey man firstly, thanks for the awesome mod. Can't wait for the glock to be back too. Can you please clean up the description a bit to clearly show how to install and how to use the mod? It's all over the page and some of it is in "outdated content" section. Also please reference "-ModDownloadTravelTo=your_scenario_here" so there is no need to change the level first before the mod starts to work.

oohhboy @oohhboy

Question: Can you spin off the speed changes into a separate component like with TA_NoClassLimits and TA_NoVehicleSupport. Not a fan of slower speed mods in an already relatively slow game. Especially so as it penalise low weight players by greatly reducing the absolute speed gain or the delta between low/high thus increasing the cost of low weight in favour of taking more weight given the points.

It's why vanilla has Breacher class as they are meant to move faster with fast guns. The Shotgun is really lightweight, perfect for gotta go fast indoors.

2001zhaozhao @2001zhaozhao

Actually sprint speed for low weight is about the same as before, the high weight sprint speed is reduced though.

But yes I plan to have 3 different player character options from regular speed to slightly slower (current one) to hardcore speed.

oohhboy @oohhboy


One small correction for your description. "- Grenadier: (only for Rifleman and Demolitions class) gives you x5 extra grenade launcher ammo like how much soldiers carry in real life
- Rocketeer: (only for Demolitions class) gives you x3 extra rockets"

Change the x5/x3 to +5/+3. You're not giving them 5 times the 40mm or 3 times the rockets.