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Tactical Bots for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by 2001zhaozhao (mod ID: 119098)


***This mod is not meant for servers where you massacre bots despite being outnumbered 10 to 1, the AI will be harder in close ranges so you can't just rush and take the OBJ without actual tactics!!***

Tactical Bots improves bot AI and loadouts to be more realistic and authentic. Bots will aim and fire at their enemies in a realistic manner, and new enemies will spawn during counter attacks to spice up the gameplay.


To install this mod, put the mod ID: 119098 into Mods.txt, and add mutators=TacticalBots to the server startup command line.

I recommend setting the bot count a bit lower than what you usually set it at to get the same difficulty. This mod's a slow tactical experience not a meat grinder.

Also I recommend setting Counter Attack bots to have a longer respawn delay. Counter attacks are hard in this mod because you are forced to fight at close range where the bots are more accurate (especially if your server doesn't have slow movement), so setting a longer respawn should balance things out. Relevant server configs: [/Script/Insurgency.INSCheckpointGameMode]


default = 0.2

"Dead player ratio" that must be reached before respawning the bot team during a counter-attack.


default = 20

Bot respawn delay during counter-attack.

If you want the bots to move slower just use the SlowMovement mutator alongside this one.

AI-Only Mutators

If you don't want the special counter attacks and just want the improved AI, use the following mutators:

RealisticBotAI: This will add realistic bot AI to enemy bots in Coop mode. It will not affect any friendly bots. It does not change enemy loadouts and counter attacks, but is not compatible with mods that change bot loadouts.

TacticalBots_VS: This will add realistic bot AI in Versus modes, in case you want to make a bot vs bot war server to mess around in.

New Bots:

These bots will appear in counter attacks randomly. I will add new ones to the list over time.

Insurgent Bots:

  • 25% Chance - Russian PMC (Elite): They have black and green clothing and always use the Mercenary voice. They mostly have Russian weapons
  • 25% Chance - Classic Insurgents: They are dressed up like INS2014 with green backpacks. They only use the weapons in INS2014
  • 25% Chance - Militia (pistols)
  • 25% Chance - Regular counter attack

Security Bots:

  • 40% Chance - USMC (Elite): They have digital desert camo and always use the American voice and American weapons. If they appear there is a chance they will call an A-10 strafe on the objective
  • 60% Chance - Regular counter attack

If you have an idea of bot types/armies to add to the counter attacks, I'd be happy to hear it!

Bot AI Changes:


Bot AI has been changed to accommodate for longer ranged combat like in custom maps.

  • Bots can now see you from 400m instead of 200m
  • Bots will not try to shoot close range weapons at long ranges
  • Bots now turn a bit slower, but not as slow as Hardcore
  • Bots spot you more easily if you are moving, but less often than default when you are staying still


Bot accuracy has been revamped to be similar to Milsim games. Instead of having similar accuracy at all ranges, bots will now be deadlier at CQB but their accuracy drops off in longer ranges.

  • Bots take longer before taking a shot, especially at very long ranges
  • Bots no longer shoot if they are wildly off target (in practice this will feel like they react slower but are more accurate, and they also go full auto less often)
  • At close range, bot accuracy is greatly increased even without zeroing in
    • You can get hit from the first bullet if you're close enough
    • Penalizes OBJ rushers and encourages you to be actually methodical with your room clearing
    • Encourages clearing out bots as much as possible with fire support, sniper etc. before breaching - facing one bot isn't a big deal since they now react slower, but multiple bots can easily put you down
  • At long range, bot accuracy after zeroing in is reduced (the longer the range, the worse the accuracy just like IRL)
    • Staying afar actually has an advantage now, and sniper class is way more useful
    • Long range custom maps with open layouts are no longer a bloodbath for the human team
  • Bots are slightly more vulnerable to suppressive fire


Bot grenade behavior has been adjusted to be more humanlike.

  • Bots are now less accurate when throwing grenades at long distances (~>40m)
  • Bots will now estimate the distance of the throw less accurately than the direction (as it should be)

Suppression & Morale

Suppression features have been made more similar to Hardcore, allowing for more realistic strategy. Enemies duck for cover much more if you lay down suppressive fire.

  • Bots will now take cover at 10% suppression instead of 50% if surprised / not able to fire back
  • Bots will now take cover at 30% suppression instead of 75% if already firing at enemies
  • Bots will only leave cover after their suppression reaches zero again

The morale feature, which makes bots retreat after enough nearby teammates have been killed, is rarely triggered in the default bot settings. This mod tunes up the values somewhat so the retreat happens more often but not all the time.

  • Bots will lose considerably more morale for nearby teammate deaths (1 headshot death + 1 normal death in quick succession will make a bot retreat)
  • Morale recovers slower
  • If a bot retreats from low morale and comes back, it is temporarily easier to make it retreat again

Elite Bots

Some of the new counter attack variants will spawn Elite bots. They are better trained in combat but are lower in numbers than regular bots (both in amount per wave and respawn speed).

  • Elite bots are quite accurate even before zeroing in, so they can hit you with the first shot at much longer ranges than normal bots
  • Elite bots remain somewhat more accurate than normal bots after zeroing in, but the difference is not as drastic
  • Elite bots can throw grenades a bit more accurately (there is no difference in the grenade cooking duration, though)
  • Elite bots are better than normal bots at picking up movement
  • Some elite bot armies can use underbarrel grenade launchers






























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coolspliff @coolspliff

outdated? oh pls no.

Strelok26m6xqHU0Xt2p @strelok26m6xqhu0xt2p

Use Improved AI instead.

coolspliff @coolspliff

this mod seems to be very necessary :) Is it still supported?

Bobskin411 @bobskin411

Hi i'm new to Sandstorm. Is there anyway of modding the cosmetics only for the security bots in local play? 100% of all security bots being US marines is all I want. :)

UnhappyLawbro @unhappylawbro

Hello, when I put TacticalBots on the command list, it is not shown in the list of enabled mutators in the server room. All other mutators are shown and activated, this doesn't and there's no change to AI either.

Mike26M4BHm8mDeGkG @mike26m4bhm8mdegkg

Anyone looking for a server using ISMC with Custom Maps (including this mod) you're welcome to try my server.

Server Website:

ISMC Server:

Vanilla+ Server:

Zombie Mod Server:

[BG]Nomy61 @none28

hey man can u update this to the current version of ins the new update has dumbed down the bots

BraveBlades @braveblades

Hi, how can i play with this mod in LOCAL PLAY? what i must do, could anyone help me - thnx! im newbie in IS, but im impressed this game. thanks!

lukaswalk @lukaswalk

You need to first subscribe to the mod, then you need to open console (check the settings to see which key its bound to) in a random map in local play. When youre on that map, type the following command string:

Open [The Map zou want to play on]?Scenario=[Name of the Scenario]?Lighting=[Day or Night]?RealisticBotAI

To see what the Map is called and what the name of the scenario is, go onto this website:

Finally, a finished command for Ministry would look like this:
Open Ministry?Scenario=Scenario_Ministry_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Day?RealisticBotAI

Hope this helps:)

[TFR]GhostZero @kcballistic650

Is there an update in the foreseeable future?

GarryRoach @garryroach

update plz

ParrotFace[Majmar] @parrotfacemajmar

Slowmovement and hardcore mutators down. We need some move speed reduction. It is a phenomenal mod only just core move speed is less than ideal. Save the servers! Help repair the speed! Mutators fail to load on map change. Reboot server first map golden. Map changes it fails to load. I may be able to find that log again if it helps.

TEKlinux @teklinux

Is the author of this mod still around? Dont think its working since 1.7.1

[REDi]1RMAJPolTuurd @redi1rmajpoltuurd

nice work mate great addition to the game

[REDi]1RMAJPolTuurd @redi1rmajpoltuurd

trying it now

[NF]Tazzy @nftazzy

does this work with the most recent update 1.7.1 anyone tested?

2001zhaozhao @2001zhaozhao

im aware of the fact that seemingly every bot has a flashlight, i'm gonna look into reducing the amount

BADASSGAMERS @badassgamers

is this working on the 1.7 patch ??. i cannot get it to work.

2001zhaozhao @2001zhaozhao

It does not work when paired with mods that override factions including Tactical Theaters. I am working on a compat mod that will allow you to bridge both mods together

Swagger200 @swagger200

It was my game.ini - I copied from zWolfi on GitHub - important parameters to change are CounterAttackRespawnDPR=1.0 (in my case changed to 0.5)
CounterAttackRespawnDelay=0 (in my case changed to 30).

Getting the proper counter-attack and enemy respawn now.