Insurgency: Sandstorm

Tactical Theaters for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by 2001zhaozhao (mod ID: 102864)


Tactical Theaters is a growing collection of custom theaters/loadouts for your server.

This mod is in BETA as lots of new mutators will be added in the future.

To install, add this mod to your Mods.txt or startup command, and add one of the mutators below to your server. They are not compatible with other mutators that change player classes, but they are compatible with mutators that change bots (including Frenzy). Unless specifically noted they will work on both Security and Insurgents

Custom Classes Mutators
These mutators revamp the class system in the game. They are based on coop weapons/loadouts (for example players will be able to use drum mags, etc)

TT_ClassAbilities: gives each player class a unique stat boost:
- Commanders take 60% less headshot damage (you will still die most of the time, but it could save you from a wallbang or a SMG across the map)
- Observers sprint 16% faster, because the commander needs you
- Riflemen move 8% faster in general (including sprinting), and have 10% more health
- Breachers sprint 16% faster and can shoot while jumping
- Demolitions jump considerably higher and can shoot while jumping
- Gunners have 25% more health
- Advisors have 15% more health and additionally takes 25% less headshot damage
- Marksmen slide faster and further (sliding over and over again is still much slower than just sprinting)

TT_SniperPistol: Snipers and Pistols only. (includes SKS, SVD, Mosin, M24, M99, and M82) There are commander and observer slots for fire support

Cost Balancing Mutators
These mutators are aimed at balancing the costs of weapons.

TT_CostBalancing: changes everyone to a variant of the TDM Fragger loadout (same kind of thing as the Armory Mod servers of the old days). RPG and C4 are enabled. Weapon and attachment costs are rebalanced
- Bolt actions now cost 0 points
- SKS and its extended mags both cost 1 point
- M249 costs 5 points and PKM costs 6 (MG3 and M240 are unchanged since they effectively cost 7 after the ext.mags)
- SMGs, Shotguns, Galil, Tariq, and M1911/M45A1 cost 1 less
- G3A3, VHS cost 1 more
- SVD costs 6 points
- FAL and M14 cost 7 points
- Anti material costs 4 points
- AK74 and L85A2 cost 3 points
- Bipods cost 1 point (bipod foregrips are not changed)
- Flip up sights are free
- C79 x4 sight costs 3 points
- Added back long barrel from the beta which costs 4 points

TT_CostBalancing_FireSupport: same as above but there are Commanders and Observers

TT_VS_CostBalancing: Versus variant of the above. This should be great for TDM servers! It has the following differences with coop:
- Bipods cost the default 2 points, instead of 1 point
- Long barrel is not available
- RPG and C4 are not available
- Drum mags are not available

TT_VS_CostBalancing_FireSupport: versus variant with fire support.

Class Limit Mutators
These mutators change how many slots each player class has.

For Checkpoint servers:

TT_IncreaseClassLimits: modestly increases the player count of all classes except Commander.

TT_MoreObservers: have 3 observers on your team. (Increases to 5 with large server)

TT_RemoveSomeSpecialistLimits: unlimited Advisors, Breachers, and Marksmen in case your players want to all run around with shotguns or snipers on a whim.

TT_RemoveSpecialistLimits: all 5 specialist classes have unlimited slots, great for when you need all the MGs and noob tubes you can get.

TT_RemoveAllClassLimitsExceptCommander: same as above but also unlimited observers.

TT_RemoveAllClassLimits: all 8 classes have unlimited slots.

TT_HardcoreClassLimits: each class has only 1 player slot, but this has 2 differences to actual Hardcore Checkpoint: you can still use drum mags, etc, and more player slots open up with more than 8 players, with unlimited riflemen past 12 players, so you can have a large hardcore-style server.

TT_HardcoreClassLimits_InfiniteRiflemen: same as above but rifleman stays unlimited

TT_HardcoreClassLimitsNoDrums: only 1 slot per class like above, and no drum mags

For Hardcore Checkpoint servers: (these will set movement speed to Hardcore)

**These do not change bot speed. If you run a normal Checkpoint server and want both players and bots to move at Hardcore speed, then just use the above non-Hardcore mutators alongside SlowMovement mutator that is already in the game.

TT_HC_HardcoreClassLimits: using this on a Hardcore server will allow more than 8 players like described above.

TT_HC_NormalClassLimits: allows the same class limits as Normal Checkpoint, but without drum mags.

TT_HC_IncreaseClassLimits: high class limits without drum mags.

For Versus servers:

TT_VS_HardcoreClassLimits: reduces class limits with Versus loadouts.
(I can make more of these on request, but I don't think people are that interested in running Versus servers)

Modified NWI Mutators
These are improved versions of default mutators.

TT_BoltActionsOnly, TT_PistolsOnly, TT_ShotgunsOnly: these three mutators add Commander and Observer with the same pistol/sniper/shotgun only loadouts, so your team can call in fire support.

TT_BoltActionsOnly_Pistols, TT_ShotgunsOnly_Pistols: players can access both bolt action/shotguns and pistols. Also, there are commanders and observers

TT_TDMLoadouts: overrides player loadouts to the Fragger class like in the TDM gamemode


TT_HardcoreClassLimits_NoMarksmen: Only one slot per class, but there are unlimited rifleman slots, and Marksman is disabled
















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[3lNP]ElNecrofilico @3lnpelnecrofilico

I think the dev already left this mod in the forgotten lands

[BG]Nomy61 @none28

would this b updated to 1.8 ?

[BG]Nomy61 @none28

Can be updated for the 1.71 patch

TDSM @tdsm

Great Tactical Theater and all. But when I use TT_CostBalancing_FireSupport, the Observer class doesn't come with a Radio already equipped... so Commander can't really call anything...

BADASSGAMERS @badassgamers

has this been updated to work with 1.7 update ?

[3lNP]ElNecrofilico @3lnpelnecrofilico

Can you make it compatible with tactical armory?

[BG]Nomy61 @none28

observer not recognizing commander. Commander cannot call in Fire support

*TEK*Toni @tektoni

Hi there, nice work!!! Is it possible to get a mutator for CheckpointHardcore which does following: 1 Commander, 1 Sniper, all other classes unlimited AND drummags please!? Would this work on HC server with more than eight players?

DFS_Compad @dfs-compad

Can you build a Mod with boltaction only (M24 and Mosin) with pistols for both sides (inkl. bots)?

[3lNP]ElNecrofilico @3lnpelnecrofilico

Try this mutator @

ramjet77 @ramjet77

I have tried the Hardcore mutators but movement of player speed is being affected too. Only wanted more slots for each class no other changes to Hardcore. Is this intended? Is it possible to just open up player slots on Hardcore but not change any other setting please?

2001zhaozhao @2001zhaozhao

Fixed, the HC mutators will now set players to hardcore speed

RocketRammer @rocketrammer

Any chance of doing one to unlock all guns for every class? So Commander with 50 cal for instance.

[3lNP]ElNecrofilico @3lnpelnecrofilico

When TT_RemoveAllClassLimitsExceptCommander is enable unlimited classes except the commander. Now can you do one like this one but only 1 commander even when there are more than 8 players. When there are more than 8 players classes double up including commander and I don't want 2 commanders in game

DFS_Compad @dfs-compad

I test it and now i have binoculars and Pistols. But the observer stand near by me and i cant call fire support. Please give the enemys/bots bolt action and pistols, too.

2001zhaozhao @2001zhaozhao

can you see if this bug happens with both security and insurgents? i gave the security binos to both teams and idk whether that screws up anything.

DFS_Compad @dfs-compad

The commander can use the binoculars, he has no one and we have no pistols with the mutator TT_BoltActionsOnly_Pistols,

2001zhaozhao @2001zhaozhao


54slow @54slow

I have the same problem on our shotgun server with both security and insurgent sides.

DFS_Compad @dfs-compad

Thank you, N1 nice mutator