Insurgency: Sandstorm

TempleHQ for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Well equipped Insurgents have recently turned a local temple and the surrounding village into a stronghold. Intel suspects that they're being supplied by an unknown party.

Your objective is the clear the village, destroy any weapon caches that you find, and secure intel that can lead us to the supplier.


2020 Mapping Contest - Checkpoint

First map ever! Had fun learning how to use UE4 and the mod tools. The Insurgency modding discord and the guides the community put out was really helpful in learning how to make a map and in getting this done.

Hope you guys like it!

Local play Checkpoint: Open TempleHQ_Landscape?Scenario=Scenario_TempleHQ_Checkpoint_Security

Used Megascans: Well, Roman Statue, and temple entrance trim

Known Issues:

- Overview Map

- Waterfall

In the works:

- Night

- Hardcore Co-op


So, I lost my files on this map when I was reinstalling the mod tools due to some issues. Unfortunately there wont be any updates for this anymore. :(


Renamed conflicting files. Should no longer conflict with Oasis


It was discovered that the maps TempleHQ and Oasis have conflicting files that will cause issues such as not loading into the map or not showing up in the Voting Menu.

Conflicting files as reported by d4d330 (Oasis to the right, TempleHQ to the left):

So far the only way around this is to choose one or the other. Zapatista and I have contacted NWI about the issue.







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[UA]Joker9799 @joker9799

Confirmed, broke since 1.11 patch

Dogman-AlphaDogs @dogmanbytes

I notice the most mod map AI is broken after the latest NWI Update, with there AI Algorithms is not compatible with the modded maps, breaking AI movement, is every one experiencing this problem too? or just my servers

TacticalGaming @tacticalgaming

Love this map so much! Are these original assets or are they from Sandstorm? Or is it a mix? I would love to possibly pay you to export this project to use as a demo level for a game we are building at community. Its a spiritual suceessor to Rainbow Six 3, Rogue Spear, Swat 4, early Ghost Recon games.


So, I lost my files on this map when I was reinstalling the mod tools due to some issues. Unfortunately there wont be any updates for this anymore. :(

iCeMan26BRfZStUPMEDr @iceman26brfzstupmedr

What a outstanding map! However, I am having trouble getting it to work in my map rotation or show up in the voting map section. Here is the map cycle command I tired to use - (Scenario="Scenario_TempleHQ_Checkpoint_Security",Lighting="Day")

Treefrog357 @treefrog357

Voting works for us with ^that line in the mapcycle, but we don't also run Oasis.
Travel cmd that works (with or without mutators):
travel TempleHQ_Landscape?Scenario=Scenario_TempleHQ_Checkpoint_Security?Lighting=Day?game=Checkpoint?


The map runs on my server if it loads first but I can't get it to show in map rotation and map vote either. So I'll probably have to update the mod with update files and see if that works. However I wont be able to do that until later this week


Hi! Just letting you know that I'm currently trying to find a solution to this, even sent a message on discord to a person that had a similar issue with their map. Waiting on a reply from them. Will update when I have more news

99Ridge @99ridge

Great map dude. Good job!

MurderHorn1603659743 @murderhorn1603659743

I am having trouble getting the map running on my server. I am trying this from my server admin console: travel TempleHQ_Landscape?Scenario=Scenario_TempleHQ_Checkpoint_Security, but it is not working and fails to load the assets. I verified that I have mod #773698 correctly added to my server (I can see the new version downloaded today when I joined my server). I also have the "TempleHQpakchunk0-WindowsClient.pak", "TempleHQpakchunk1-WindowsClient.pak", and "TempleHQpakchunk10-WindowsClient.pak" files in my "Steam\steamapps\common\sandstorm\Insurgency\Mods\modio\598799\773698" directory. Still no go. I have another 10+ maps that I use on my server that load fine. Could the "TempleHQ_Landscape?Scenario=Scenario_TempleHQ_Checkpoint_Security" be incorrect when used with the travel command?


Hi! So I tried the line with the travel command and it worked for me, though I did do it in local play. Unfortunately, I'm not that knowledgeable when it comes to using a server or running one but I am looking into it!

MurderHorn1603659743 @murderhorn1603659743

This travel command worked for me for the last version from 9 days ago:

travel OA_TempleHQ_Landscape?Scenario=Scenario_TempleHQ_Checkpoint_Security

But that one doesn't work anymore along with this one that I am trying to use for the current version:

travel TempleHQ_Landscape?Scenario=Scenario_TempleHQ_Checkpoint_Security


hmm. If you haven't already, try unsubscribing and deleting the mod's files, then resubbing.

Lozza-Redback_Gaming @lozza-redback-admin

Not that this affects the game, but why are the pak files named Oasis?


I think its because when I first started this I named the mod Oasis. Only changed the level name to templehq. Wasnt able to change the content folder before uploading though :/ didnt think it would cause issues

d4d330 @d4d330

looking forward to the end of the contest so you and zap can fix this. I want both maps on my server. :-)

BLUEE1 @bluee1

Great map! The theme is well done, and I like the background story it really matches the feel of the map. And just the layout and look are both great. Couple of things I would suggest improving, shadows are most of the time too dark, and most of the colors in general feel over saturated with a lot of contrast, and water could just be improved in general but other than that, very well done!


Hey thanks for the feedback! I'll take a look into improving what you mentioned. Hopefully it wont be something that demands a lot from my PC. barely running as it is :D

miltonjackson @miltonjackson

massive framedrops with 2x lenses, basically unplayable, otherwise looks good. Hope fix comming


Hi! I'll take a look into this. Does it happen at a certain area or is it throughout the whole map for you?