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Published by [FRS]=Freddy= - learn more (mod ID: 170787)


OK! The bug in the mod tools seems to be fixed.
But because it took so long this map project was stopped, so it is still in Pre Alpha status.
For testing there is only one checkpoint and the teamdeadmatch mode.
This release is only to give a preview of the map!


  • Checkpoint Security
  • TeamDeadMatch

Other gamemodes are in progress

Map Name: the_Tower

Scenario Names & Server command line:

Coop Server Start Parameters:



PVP Server Start Parameters:



MapCycle.txt Parameters:





to do: a lot :)

optimize the map (draw distance, cull distance volumes, lods
light settings
bullets blocking
map overview
sound / custom sounds
bots spawns & walking routes
additional game types

and more...

Known Issues:

Bots get stuck in the sliding doors from time to time

Have fun


Freddy @Steam

Test Server

User Posted Image

Alpha 01 Test

Alpha 02

· 1.9.0 ready

· Player UICamera fixed

Alpha 03

· Apparently there is a bug in the mod-tools again, bot paths are not always compiled.


filedata.2.zip376.32mbAlpha 03

filedata.1.zip376.2mbAlpha 02

filedata.zip396.77mbAlpha 01


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Kyrocera @kyrocera

This map has great potential. Is there more updates coming or is it a dead project?

Sparkie951 @sparkie951

I hope so... that is one map I have been watching for sometime... Going to be a great map!

[FRS]=Freddy= @frsfreddy

Hi, Basically , the map was intended for the map contest.
But since NWI did not deliver a patch for the texture error after months, the development was / is stopped for the time being.
In addition, the game crashes for some time again and again so that I can not test my maps properly.
Everything I have found and tried does not help permanently and by the way I am not a beginner in such things.
I play practically for weeks no more Sandstorm.

[FRS]=Freddy= @frsfreddy

Hello, this is a good question, the next please... :)
I also had some good ideas when I started the map project, but currently me and my son (software developer with experience in game development) are preparing something new which unfortunately has nothing to do with Sandstorm. If my time allows it I will definitely continue.
But when I see how many new and great maps the contest has produced, I think the community will have enough material to play with for some time :))


[FRS]=Freddy= @frsfreddy

Release Alpha 03

· Apparently there is a bug in the mod-tools again, bot paths are not always compiled.


[FRS]=Freddy= @frsfreddy

Release Alpha 02

· 1.9.0 ready
· Player UICamera fixed

This release is only to give a preview of the map!


Pablostinoz @pablostinoz

Just release it!

[FRS]=Freddy= @frsfreddy

Hi, as long as the modtools are not fixed I cannot release the map because 70% of the textures are not displayed.
By the way, I have stopped working on the map as described above.
I'm afraid, but this is just my opinion, that NWI has no interest to fix the bug.
If you only use the standard textures provided by the tool, the maps remain relatively small.
In my map "Temple" I only use such textures, even on external models.
This does not look very good but it works and the map has a small download size.
This is more in the interest of NWI.
The scenes in the video were recorded in the editor, here all textures are shown, therefore the hint, this is how it could look like....

[BG]Nomy61 @bgnomy61

freddy kik as man keep it up bru

[0]Whiskey @0whiskey

Can't wait to try this out. Love your work, Freddy.

DFS_Compad @dfs-compad

Freddy is back :-) you're welcome :-)

=[AD]=AlphaDogs @dogmanbytes

Freddy thanks for your hard work!

TacticalGaming @tacticalgaming

Looking forward to this!

[FRS]=Freddy= @frsfreddy

unfortunately i have stopped this map at the moment, makes no sense. You need the external materials and as long as that is not patched I will not continue. Parallel I started with a jungle map, here I try to use the standard materials and textures. Let's see....

TacticalGaming @tacticalgaming

ok a jungle map will be nice

[FRS]=Freddy= @frsfreddy

Hi folks, thanks and sorry, I didn't mean to put you in a bad mood, and I am relaxed. :)
But like many others here, I want to contribute to the game, but you get slowed down all the time.
Example since almost 3 weeks can most mappers including me not release their maps (e.g. with the new Outpost mode) due to the known bug in the mod tool.
Of course I could start to replace everything with standard material and textures, but I don't have the time to do that.
The smart mappers also use the standard components of the game. :)
And this is actually correct, and I understand NWI even if it stays that way, because then the maps are relatively small and anyone can download them quickly.
But I am of the opinion that then many maps always look the same.

D3M0N123 @d3m0n123

even the standard textures are broken, i get a blank landscape since the 1.8 update

[NF]Tazzy @nftazzy

yes i totally agree they take our money quick enough for the game so let us upload whichever size of map we need too :P
or they could just let us upload to server side instead of uploading thru modio

danielsafemilk @danielsafemilk

Whoa this looks amazing! This captures a feeling that's totally unique from other maps! Sorry you aren't feeling motivated, but I hope you tap back into that because I'm already really looking forward to this, the mood and tone in the shots alone is eerie! I can imagine carefully making my way through the lobby listening for enemies while rain beats on the glass above me. Very cool.

[FRS]=Freddy= @frsfreddy

Hi exactly the same scenario appeared in my mind's eye when I started with the map :))