Insurgency: Sandstorm

Fire Supports: Thermobarics & Co for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Extremely powerful fire supports for coop security and insurgents. Not balanced for any form of PVP. Designed more for coop with high bot counts or difficulty. They are also capable of teamwiping if the commander doesn't take care or enough people go rambo. These fire supports are also disabled from enemy bot use due to their overwhelming power except while using the unified mutator.

Generally incompatible with theater and player squad modifying mutators and mods. Especially ISMC. Generally compatible with enemy modifying mutators and mods.

Base mutators

Each of the following are incompatible with each other but can be set up in a server on a map-by-map basis, but don't ask me how since I'm not a server owner/operator - Source: Redback Gaming servers

Mutator name for security: Thermos
Mutator name for insurgency: ThermosINS
Mutator with rifleman and advisor radios: ThermosRadio
Ditto for insurgents: ThermosINSRadio
Mutator for commander radios: ThermosCommand
Ditto for insurgents: ThermosINSCommand

Unified Mutators

Unified mutator with both teams having fire support: ThermosUnified
Ditto with rifleman and advisor radios: ThermosRadioUnified
Ditto but commander radios: ThermosCommandUnified

The unified mutators are probably incompatible with mods that heavily modify the enemy team. Use them together at your own discretion.

Mutators dependent on above mutators

The following should be compatible with More Fire Support or Fire Support Mutators since those mods only modify base supports but needs confirmation. They are also most likely incompatible with themselves.

Doubled fire supports added by this mod (minus Salvation): ThermosDouble
Infinite (well sorta at 999) fire supports added by this mod (minus Salvation): ThermosInf
No Minigun Truck: ThermosNoTruck
No Salvation: ThermosNoSalvation

Fire Supports for Security

Thermobaric Rockets
You wanted a point dead? We gotcha! We'll wipe that point from this plane of existence and everything in a +50m radius around that. Also probably PTSD inducing.
Safe distance in the open: 70-80m
Marked by bright orange flare colour and also gives a warning in chat

JDAM Strike
Replaces Smoke Artillery
Pesky fortified building? Don't worry! With the help of Warlock, these JDAMs will turn anyone inside a building to paste as long as it's 3-4 storeys or smaller!
Safe distance in the open: 65m
Marked by bright cyan flare colour

Minigun Truck
A minigun. On a truck. Does it need any more explanation? It can also hurt caches (slowly).
The trucks may refuse to spawn on certain maps or at certain places. This is due to the code needed to spawn it in and usually must spawn at navmesh areas for vehicles such as roads. This is also the reason why there are 10 trucks available in case some refuse to spawn.
Marked by grey flare colour (but probably don't need to care)

Hind Gunship
Replaces standard Apache Gunship (AI still uses it though)
A gunship with a 12.7mm minigun... at 5000 rounds per minute... and 64 rockets to launch... and 4 homing ATGMs. Piloted by our favourite little miss teamkiller Assassin. She's pretty good with aiming the gun this time... Usually...
The model was originally found and made here and is being used under Creative Commons.

Mi-24 Hind by Duane's Mind on Sketchfab

Fire Supports for Insurgents

'Purple Haze' Drones
Replaces Smoke Mortars
No one knows what this is, where it came from or who made it. Only that it kills everything near it in mere seconds. Yes this is a Jimi Hendrix and Jojo reference.
WARNING: Purple Haze cannot be extinguished nor will gas masks protect from it. You MUST stay clear of it to survive.
Safe distance in the open: Not purple
Marked by bright purple flare colour

Bombing Run
Replaces Bomber Drones
Some bright guy thought it would be a good idea to give the insurgents air support in the form of a jet with some massive bombs. They were right.
Safe distance in the open: Not along the bomber's route.
Marked by bright green flare colour
This was orignally a submunition run but had to be changed out due to the excessive lag it created.
Uses a custom plane model found here and is being used under Creative Commons.

MiG 29 by Usman1684 on Sketchfab

White Phosphorous Airburst
Replaces Chemical Mortars

D̴̼͝o̴̞̒ ̷̢͐y̷̘͌o̶̲̊u̷͙̿ ̸̰̈́f̷̯̊e̸͉̚ę̷̒l̵͍̕ ̶̲̓l̶̥̍i̶̱̓k̶̢̛e̸̫̾ ̸̯̂ă̴̟ ̶͙̾ḩ̸͂ḙ̵̐ṙ̸̡o̴̟͋ ̴̰̉y̸̺͘ẹ̵͂t̶̟̽?̵͙̃
Recreate Spec Ops: The Line with this incredibly horrific airburst weapon. Or uh... I dunno... fireworks? Extreme lag may result as it splits into fragments with detonating. Hide under a building or look away from it to stop the lag.
Safe distance in the open: Varies per map
Marked by deep blue flare colour
NWI thought it would be a good idea to spawn in shrapnel projectiles sequentially over time instead of all at once. RIP cluster burst weapons for now.

Rocket Onslaught
Replaces Rocket Barrage
30 rockets weren't enough. How about TRIPLE that? Not much else to say really. Might have some sound bugs I guess?
Safe distance in the open: 50-60m
Marked by bright lime colour

Don't you see habibi? This weapon has the means to end this hideous war in a definitive and elegant manner. No it will not stop people with dirty boots walking over crisp white sheets that you made.
There is almost no chance for anyone to survive this. Server owners and admin please consider disabling this support with the mutator listed above in optional mutators if you don't want a total map wipe or have TK autokick enabled or if people object to it. The starting timer was set to 600 seconds to help avoid this possibility but it will never be foolproof.
Safe distance in the open: No. (Unless you have TK reflector or are hundreds of meters away)
Marked by white flare colour (not that you'd need it since everything will die anyways)

Other stuff

I am collaborating with Rover and his Redback Armoury (sic) and this mod is incorporated in it (but Redback is usually a few days behind on updates).
I live in GMT+8 and usually update around 11am-1pm GMT. Hotfixes usually come between 1-2 hours after if I have time to test client side (the editor test environment sucks so I can't catch everything there). I'm also really sorry for the people who are stuck redownloading due to all my hotfixing.
Constructive feedback and bug reports are always helpful and welcome to fix and improve the mod.





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shotdk @shotdk

I do not use the Unified version but the latest update is not compatible with AI mod (Tactical Bots). It worked fine in previous versions. I used only Thermos or ThermosINS.

Kerman1943 @kerman1943

Changelog says that

shotdk @shotdk

Does Non Unified version require Restricted counterattack scripted supports?
Opposite factions always used vanilla fire support in Non Unified version

Kerman1943 @kerman1943

Sort of. Counterattack scripts don't restrict which supports are spawned in at its beginning so in some cases it has the possibility to end up with teamwiping supports on non unified versions. However the only way to prevent this fully is to modify the theater files for bots. I can change the bots back to their vanilla version with more or less two clicks though but will need feedback if they start teamwiping hard on counterattacks.

shotdk @shotdk

if so, could you release not modified theater files version? I want to play AI mod with your mod.

Kerman1943 @kerman1943

The newest update did reverse to vanilla bots so try it out now.

shotdk @shotdk

thx, mod works fine with AI mod :D

Kessler1 @kessler1

Shotdk, may I ask how you have yours setup? I'm getting an invalid mutator path for the mod when adding -Mutators=ThermosCommandUnified to the server command line

Orange_Bear1 @orange-bear1

Which of the two factions are considering reworking their existing fire support? The delay and firepower of vanilla mortars and artillery are still disappointing. Like the DAY OF INFAMY game, it boasts a lot of explosions and range in a short time, or it is far from modern, but I think it would be okay to put firepower support in a different atmosphere such as cold war or ww2.

MNSTR @mnstr

Havent gotten around to reading all 8 pages of comments but this mod disables MadAmmunition for some reason. Doesn't crash or cause weird errors. Mad Ammo just says "nah" and doesn't show up until Thermos leaves the party

Edit: "For some reason" IE: It's because Mad Ammo adds 2 extra fire supports

PopBNice @popbnice

Purple haze occasionally causes a crash so severe that the server just go total kablooey, forcing manual restarts, and every player connected at that time goes black screen and have to task manager close their games.. Besides that, it's pretty fun to use at times!

Kerman1943 @kerman1943

Yeah I've heard from other modders that it might be a bug that happens sometimes with custom damage types. Unfortunately there isn't a way to fix it on the modder's end (we'll have to rely on NWI for that).

4scoresn7yrsago @4scoresn7yrsago

Well if anyone here is wondering or curious. I did get this to play nice with ISMC Arbusto mod. Experiences might differ for some people, but on mine all the fire support works as well as Arbusto features.

*note: if you want to use Arbusto (747539) I find it best to just use that mod without the other ISMC installed.

4scoresn7yrsago @4scoresn7yrsago

My modlist:

My mutators:

Kevonovitch @kevonovitch

Good evening,

Was just playing around with the mod, trying to get it to work, and I've found that everything works fine, except both ThermosUnifiedRadio, and ThermosUnifiedCommand do not function, and they cease all functionality of the mod. Thermos Unified, and all the individual sec/ins sided commands work just fine.

Kerman1943 @kerman1943

Will try and fix this soon.
EDIT: My bad I put down the wrong mutator names. I've updated them in the mod desc.

Kevonovitch @kevonovitch

Good afternoon,
Thank you, that now works perfectly.

Phederal_BR @phederal-br

FYI - I started to use the "Thermos" mod and it was conflicting with Arbusto, removing the NVGs from the night maps, at least when was using ISMCGunfighter_Tac_Legacy or ISMCGunfighter_Tac_Casual_Legacy.

4scoresn7yrsago @4scoresn7yrsago

Non night maps working great for me. I am using "ISMCGunfighter_Tac_Casual_Legacy" without issues.

Kerman1943 @kerman1943

Kindly. Yes. Chances are this mod is incompatible. I cannot do anything about it because of how large and incompatible ISMC is.