Insurgency: Sandstorm

Fire Supports: Thermobarics & Co for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Extremely powerful fire supports for coop security and insurgents. Not balanced for standard Coop or any form of PVP. Designed more for coop with high bot counts or difficulty. They are also capable of teamwiping if the commander doesn't take care or enough people go rambo. These fire supports are also disabled from enemy bot use due to their overwhelming power.

Incompatible with theater modifying mutators and mods. This includes ISMC

Base mutators

Each of the following are incompatible with each other but can be set up in a server on a map-by-map basis, but don't ask me how since I'm not a server owner/operator - Source: Redback Gaming servers

Mutator name for security: Thermos
Mutator name for insurgency: ThermosINS
Mutator with rifleman radios: ThermosRadio
Ditto with insurgent riflemen: ThermosINSRadio

Mutators dependent on above mutators

The following should be compatible with More Fire Support or Fire Support Mutators since those mods only modify base supports but needs confirmation. They are also most likely incompatible with themselves.

Doubled fire supports added by this mod: ThermosDouble
Infinite (well sorta at 999) fire supports added by this mod: ThermosInf
No minigun truck: ThermosNoTruck
No salvation: ThermosNoSalvation

Fire Supports for Security

Thermobaric Rockets
You wanted a point dead? We gotcha! We'll wipe that point from this plane of existence and everything in a +50m radius around that. Also probably PTSD inducing.
Safe distance in the open: 70-80m
Marked by bright orange flare colour and also gives a warning in chat

JDAM Strike
Replaces Smoke Artillery
Pesky fortified building? Don't worry! With the help of Warlock, these JDAMs will turn anyone inside a building to paste as long as it's 3-4 storeys or smaller!
Safe distance in the open: 65m
Marked by bright cyan flare colour

Minigun Truck
A minigun. On a truck. Does it need any more explanation? It can also hurt caches (very slowly).
The trucks may refuse to spawn on certain maps or at certain places. This is due to the code needed to spawn it in and usually must spawn at navmesh areas for vehicles such as roads. This is also the reason why there are 10 trucks available in case some refuse to spawn.

Hind Gunship
Replaces standard Apache Gunship (AI still uses it though)
A gunship with a 12.7mm minigun... at 5000 rounds per minute... and 128 rockets to launch. Piloted by our favourite little miss teamkiller Assassin. She's pretty good with aiming the gun this time... Usually...
I may switch the Hind to insurgents later down the line if requested.
The model was originally found and made here and is being used under Creative Commons.

Mi-24 Hind by Duane's Mind on Sketchfab

Fire Supports for Insurgents

'Purple Haze' Drones
Replaces Smoke Mortars
No one knows what this is, where it came from or who made it. Only that it kills everything near it in mere seconds. Yes this is a Jimi Hendrix and Jojo reference.
WARNING: Purple Haze cannot be extinguished nor will gas masks protect from it. You MUST stay clear of it to survive.
Marked by bright purple flare colour

Bombing Run
Replaces Bomber Drones
Some bright guy thought it would be a good idea to give the insurgents air support in the form of a jet with some massive bombs. They were right.
Safe distance in the open: Not along the bomber's route.
Marked by bright green flare colour
This was orignally a submunition run but had to be changed out due to the excessive lag it created.
Uses a custom plane model found here and is being used under Creative Commons.

MiG 29 by Usman1684 on Sketchfab

White Phosphorous Airburst
Replaces Explosive Mortars
D̴̼͝o̴̞̒ ̷̢͐y̷̘͌o̶̲̊u̷͙̿ ̸̰̈́f̷̯̊e̸͉̚ę̷̒l̵͍̕ ̶̲̓l̶̥̍i̶̱̓k̶̢̛e̸̫̾ ̸̯̂ă̴̟ ̶͙̾ḩ̸͂ḙ̵̐ṙ̸̡o̴̟͋ ̴̰̉y̸̺͘ẹ̵͂t̶̟̽?̵͙̃
This is a really iffy support since it's a timed airburst projectile (and the first one I think that has been made by anyone). Some maps it might detonate super high up while others it will detonate almost on top of the ground. Excessive lag may also result as it splits into fragments with detonating. I might rework it soon.
Marked by deep blue flare colour
Safe distance in the open: Varies per map

Don't you see habibi? This weapon has the means to end this hideous war in a definitive and elegant manner. No it will not stop people with dirty boots walking over crisp white sheets that you made.
There is basically no chance for anyone to survive this. Server owners and admin please consider disabling this support with the mutator listed above in optional mutators if you don't want a total map wipe or have TK autokick enabled or if people object to it. The starting timer was set to 600 seconds to help avoid this possibility but it will never be foolproof.
Marked by white flare colour (not that you'd need it since everything will die anyways)
Safe distance in the open: No

Other stuff

I am collaborating with Rover and his Redback Armoury (sic) and this mod is incorporated in it (but Redback is usually a few days behind on updates).
I live in GMT+8 and usually update around 11am-1pm GMT. Hotfixes usually come between 1-2 hours after if I have time to test client side (the editor test environment sucks so I can't catch everything there). I'm also really sorry for the people who are stuck redownloading due to all my hotfixing.
















filedata.17.zip5.29mbParticle effect stuff



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WintorOperator @wintoroperator

has explosions. i like.

ayumishinozaki @ayumishinozaki1

does this work with ISMC?

Kerman1943 @kerman1943

No it does not and cannot be made to either.

Orange_Bear1 @orange-bear1

White Phosphorous Airburst is better than expected. However, there are many problems. Even if I request fire support from a distance, it falls into my position and the individual shells are too large. I thought there would be smoke and fire if I landed on the ground, but I thought it was appropriate to compromise with problems such as optimization.

Kerman1943 @kerman1943

The positioning thing is problematic on my side because how far up it detonates then spreads is quite dependent on the map. When I was doing editor testing a cook time setting for ministry would make it crash into hideout without exploding and etc.
Particle effects I'm still working on and I'd disabled impact fusing for now.

Dolarhyde_89 @dolarhyde-89

Hello. How do you spawn minigun-trucks when it`s located in the middle of the fire support indicator wheel?

Kerman1943 @kerman1943

Hey. Just click when you've brought up the radial menu without wiggling it around.

GlobalSpikez @globalspikez

hey what commands can i use for playing this mod on offline?

Kerman1943 @kerman1943

Try something like
Open farmhouse?scenario=Scenario_Farmhouse_Checkpoint_Security?lighting=day?mutators=ThermosRadio, ThermosDouble, Allyoucaneat
You can change the mutators to whatever you want but use only 1 from each of my mod's categories at a time as listed above or you might run into issues.

Orange_Bear1 @orange-bear1

Is your work going well? The rebels seem to get along well with the Russian camp. After Insurgent's work is complete, Warship's Rocket artillery fire, 155mm self-propelled artillery that will replace Security's HE Artillery (more powerful than the original and applied with Full Salvo)... More firepower support is needed.

When I first used the final modified version of Bombing Run, there was a regret that some shells were lost depending on the design of the map, but as I got used to it, I came up with a strategy that could not support other firepower.

The fire support of the recently emerging ISMC mod seems to be more advanced, but your mod that reminds me of Michael Bay is cooler.

Kerman1943 @kerman1943

I've been really busy in real life so I haven't been able to work on the mod much. I do have stuff to be released but no estimated time (it will be interesting).

And also I'm also the guy working on ISMC's new fire supports so I hope I can make something nice for everyone in it (while sticking with their balancing ideas)

AiBOT @bot26qvmx3fiei7iv

I want to use this mode for both camps, but only one side is available.
If "ThermosRadio" is added after "ThermosINSRadio", the mutator of "ThermosRadio" is disabled.
Please fix it.

Kerman1943 @kerman1943

The mutators were made seperate to be compatible with tactical bots. If you want to use both on a server contact Rover_Redback_Admin since he knows how to set it up.

STEVE26gLXLTMGGw5Ed @steve26glxltmggw5ed

it's not working with easierfiresupport

Kerman1943 @kerman1943

It isn't supposed to because Easier Fire Support modifies characters and has its own theater. And theater mods are almost always incompatible.

Pajamas939 @pajamas1593683082

Thanks for the awesome mod! I don't seem to be able to select the minigun truck in the radial menu (running Thermos on Security). I see it in the center, but can't select it or swap through with x when using the binocs. It's great without, but we'd love to see how the trucks work. Am I missing something simple?

Kerman1943 @kerman1943

Similar to the observer requesting his commander to call something in, just click when you've just brought up the radial menu. That should allow you to call it in. Hope that helps.

Pajamas939 @pajamas1593683082

Sure enough, that did the trick. Thanks again. It's impressive what you've managed to do with this mod.

oohhboy @oohhboy

Neither ThermosInf or ThermosDouble works even alone. Thermos + More Fire Support still works however the HIND by replacing Apache leaves you with only one. Also is ThermosInf set to all strikes including vanilla are infinite making More Fire support redundant?

Kerman1943 @kerman1943

The mod page *literally says* that ThermosDouble and ThermosInf need one of the main mutators to work. Thermosinf only sets my ones to infinite. If you want double hinds and vanilla use Thermos+Thermosdouble+whatever the double fire support one from More Fire Support is.

oohhboy @oohhboy

Ok, your mod is the only mod I know of that be invoked more than once. It's always "Pick One" on the assumption that it will self conflict, hence why I didn't use the base arguments.