Insurgency: Sandstorm

Welcome Message (1.0.3) for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by Destinate (mod ID: 132183)


Note: This is for the server-side only.

This mutator will send a message to the client when they first spawn in the game. No one will able to see the message other than the player themselves.

Mutator Name:

Supported Mod:
- Advanced Chat

Using that mod, you can also change the color and more customization for your welcome message in the config.

The default config for game.ini

;Message to display to the client when they first spawn in
WelcomeMessage=%name%, Welcome to my server!/nEnjoy and have fun!

You can change the welcome message to the way you want it. There are some special characters that will get replace like %name% will be replaced by player name and /n is a line break. It makes the message goes to the next line.

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Rover_Redback_Admin @rover-redback-admin

sadly 1.7.1 has broken all custom maps/mods.
NWI are a mob of incompetent wankers


Last update now getting this message "has left the game"


Is there a way not to have it display on the next map rotation?
Other than that it works fine.

Destinate @destinate

What do you mean by display on the next map rotation? It shows up again when map change?


yes, it showed up again after the map changed

Destinate @destinate

It seems like all the stuff gets reset when the map changed. I have to figure out how to get this fix.

Facknrite @facknrite

Is there a character limit? Not showing in the server.