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Welcome Message (1.0.2a) for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by Circleus (mod ID: 132183)


Note: This is for the server-side only.

This mutator will send a message to the client when they first spawn in the game. No one will able to see the message other than the player themselves.

Mutator Name:

Supported Mod:
- Advanced Chat

Using that mod, you can also change the color and more customization for your welcome message in the config.

The default config for game.ini

;Message to display to the client when they first spawn in
WelcomeMessage=%name%, Welcome to my server!/nEnjoy and have fun!

You can change the welcome message to the way you want it. There are some special characters that will get replace like %name% will be replaced by player name and /n is a line break. It makes the message goes to the next line.

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Nosferatu_UK @nosferatu-uk

perhaps you can shed some light? Im trying to get these to work on my server.
I have signed into website and produced an auth token.
I have put that and the required lines into the engine.ini with the token.
(when I run the server, the engine.ini updates with my registered info automatically showing the token works)
I have the added -Mods -mutators="JoinLeaveMessage,WelcomeMessage" -CmdModList="132183,101966" to my startup .bat command line.
I have added the mod ID to the Mods.txt file.
I have added the welcome config line to the game.ini

I run the server and and look at the log file in the cmd windows and sure enough it polls download of the mods and downloads them to the server in Mods/modio folder.

I change map to just make sure and have even shut down and restarted, each time i see mod log lines in the server console window.

I have kept all the config lines as default on your mod page and put the in the game.ini file.

When i start a client game up and server search, sure enough the mods are displayed on the bottom left of that particular server.
On joining that server, no message are displayed. BUT I do get the mods are activated on this server and will be downloaded. The client game downloads the mods before entering the map.

There must be something I'm doing wrong? but I'm getting all the right read-outs from server side, just not seeing results client side.
The server runs co-op only.

Circleus @circleus

You will not able to see the join leave message because those messages are sent before you join and after you left. As for the welcome message, you will only see it the first time you spawn in the server.

Also, the server doesn't load the mod when it first loads up. You have to change the map. After map change, the welcome message will not show again because you already join the game since the last map but you can leave and rejoin to see the welcome message.


Last update now getting this message "has left the game"


Is there a way not to have it display on the next map rotation?
Other than that it works fine.

Circleus @circleus

What do you mean by display on the next map rotation? It shows up again when map change?


yes, it showed up again after the map changed

Circleus @circleus

It seems like all the stuff gets reset when the map changed. I have to figure out how to get this fix.

Facknrite @facknrite

Is there a character limit? Not showing in the server.