Insurgency: Sandstorm

WW2only for Insurgency: Sandstorm

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Published by JustAFatYeti (mod ID: 761350)



The intention behind this mod is to create a squad template in which players can only use WW2 era equipment.

Mod Alterations :-

  • Primary weapons reduced to Grease Gun, M1 Garand, Mosin-Nagant, SKS, Sterling.
  • Secondary weapons reduced to Browning HP, M1911, Welrod.
  • Explosives reduced to F1 Fragmentation Grenade, IED, M83 Smoke Grenade, Molotov.
  • 1 Commander on the team.
  • 1 Radio Op (Observer) on the team.
  • Adds Heavy Soldier to the team. (90% move speed, 120% health, access to Heavy Soldier Pack*).
  • All underbarrell and sidebarrell attachments (other than the standard flashlight) have been removed.
  • NVG goggles have been removed.
  • NVG training has been removed.
  • Tracer ammunition has been removed.

* Maybe bugged? Doesn't seem to work with some server configurations.

Plus probably some other stuff I've forgotten to include in this list.

Installation :-

  1. Put the mod ID 761350 into your server Insurgency/Config/Server/Mods.txt file.
  2. Add WW2only to your mutator list at server startup.

Future work :-

  1. Remove some types of fire support (Minigun Support, Gunship, Autocannon Strafe, Explosive Drone, Bomber Drones).
  2. Increase quantity of some types of fire support (Explosive Artillery, Smoke Artillery, Rocket Barrage, Mortars).
  3. Ensure bots use WW2only loadouts in Outpost.
  4. Fix Heavy Soldier Pack

Other Mods :-

DumbFrenzy - A variant of the Frenzy mutator with enemies with less health, slower move speed, and fewer capabilities. Can be used in tandem with WW2only.











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panzerschr1600283576 @panzerschr1600283576

It would be cool to have ww2 uniforms!

bahzooga @bahzooga

sounds nice :)
do these restrictions also apply to the AI in checkpoint?

JustAFatYeti @justafatyeti

Just patched it, turned out to be a super simple fix, now bots use only the equipment available to you when using the mutator, they have 1 commander and 1 radio op on their team also.

JustAFatYeti @justafatyeti

I haven't tested it yet to be honest, I made it for use on my server alongside my DumbFrenzy mod. I'll have a test of it tomorrow and if it doesn't I will see what I can do about fixing it.

bahzooga @bahzooga

quite nice, ignores hardcore setting though. any chance you could implement that option?

JustAFatYeti @justafatyeti

I just tested it and it seems to be working for me which is weird.

I'm enabling hardcore at the maplist, so my maplist has entries such as the one given below. Give that a shot and see if it sorts it for you? Also try disabling any other mods to ensure nothing's conflicting.


bahzooga @bahzooga

maybe it´s the RCON tool I´m using, or it´s because of Linux? I tried w/o any other mods to no avail. No clue, but it won´t work for me :(

JustAFatYeti @justafatyeti

Which RCON tool do you use? I'll give it a download and use it to test.

JustAFatYeti @justafatyeti

The server I use is Linux based :/ I'll take another look and see if I spot anything.

JustAFatYeti @justafatyeti

I'll take a look but can't say for certain